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Buddy Faro

Buddy Faro Cast

Series Description

The Buddy Faro TV show was a 60 minute detective drama series with a comedy twist on CBS about a trendy private detective with an out of the ordinary style who dropped out of the business in 1978 after a woman he was in love with was murdered. Then in 1998 another private investigator found him and together they formed a new agency.

Buddy Faro Cast

Dennis Farina ................ Buddy Faro
Frank Whaley ................. Bob Jones
Allison Smith ................ Julie Barber
Charlie Robinson ............. El Jefe

Buddy Faro Trivia


There were five episodes of the Buddy Faro TV show that were produced but were not broadcast. Their titles were: "The Match Game", "The Truth is in the Trash", "Done Away in a Manger", "Charlotte's Tangled Web", and "Who's The Muse?".

Dennis Farina is better known for his role as Detective Joe Fontana on the series, "Law & Order". Before playing a cop on TV, Dennis was a real life cop on the Chicago police force!

George Hamilton guest-starred on an episode of the Buddy Faro TV show as a fictional actor who had played the legendary Buddy Faro on a fictional 1970s detective series. Other celebrities from the 1960s appeared on Buddy Faro including singer Jack Jones and Playboy magazine founder, Hugh Hefner.

The pilot episode of Buddy Faro won an Emmy in 1999 for "Outstanding Art Direction for a Series". It beat out some pretty stiff competition from "Ally McBeal", "The Sopranos", "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" and "The X-Files".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Buddy Faro's First and Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/25/1998)
  2. The Curse of the Faro (10/2/1998)
  3. Touched by an Amnesiac (10/9/1998)
  4. Ain't That a Kick in the Head (10/16/1998)
  5. Now You See Him, Now He's Dead (10/23/1998)
  6. Death by Airbrush (11/6/1998)
  7. Talk Show Heller (11/13/1998)
  8. Get Me Cody Swift (12/4/1998)

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