Buckskin Cast
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The Buckskin TV show was a 30 minute western drama series on NBC about a young boy who interacted with the guests at his mother's boarding house in the small frontier town of Buckskin, Montana in the 1880s.

Buckskin Cast

Tommy Nolan .... Jody O'Connell
Sallie Brophy .... Annie O'Connell
Michael Road .... Marshal Tom Sellers
Michael Lipton .... Ben Newcomb (1959)

Buckskin Trivia

There were a couple of unique features of the Buckskin TV show. First, its stories of the old West were told through the eyes of a 10-year-old boy. Secondly, viewers met many different types of people of the day who were on their way from one place to another rather than just the residents who had settled in a town or on farms/ranches.

Repeats of the Buckskin TV show were aired during the summer of 1965, a full six years after the series ended.

Buckskin actually premiered in July of 1958, two and a half months before most of the other series! By September it was moved from its initial 9:30PM time slot on Thursday nights to 7:30PM on Fridays. It had to compete with "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin" on ABC and with "Your Hit Parade" on CBS at that time. In January of 1959 it moved to Mondays at 7:30PM with no major competition but it was still canceled due to poor ratings at the end of the season. Apparently, a relatively peaceful western seen through the eyes of a young boy didn't appeal to enough western fans.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. The Lady from Blackhawk (7/3/1958)
  2. The Man Who Waited (7/10/1958)
  3. The Outlaw's Boy (7/17/1958)
  4. The Ballad of Gabe Pruitt (7/24/1958)
  5. The Trial of Chrissy Miller (7/31/1958)
  6. Cash Robertson (8/7/1958)
  7. Lament for Durango (8/14/1958)
  8. Tree of Death (8/21/1958)
  9. The Gold Watch (8/28/1958)
  10. The Ghost of Balaclava (9/4/1958)
  11. Hunter's Moon (9/11/1958)
  12. China Boy (9/18/1958)
  13. Tell Me, Leonardo (9/25/1958)
  14. A Picture of Pa (10/2/1958)
  15. The Money Man (10/9/1958)
  16. Miss Pringle (10/16/1958)
  17. A Permanent Juliet (10/23/1958)
  18. A Man from the Mountains (10/30/1958)
  19. The Bullnappers (11/6/1958)
  20. The Greatest Man in History (1/5/1959)
  21. The Monkey's Uncle (1/12/1959)
  22. Mr. Rush's Secretary (1/19/1959)
  23. Coup Stick (2/2/1959)
  24. Fry's Wife (2/9/1959)
  25. Who Killed Pat Devlin? (2/16/1959)
  26. Little Heathen (2/23/1959)
  27. The Knight Who Owned Buckskin (3/2/1959)
  28. Cousin Casey (3/9/1959)
  29. A Well of Gold (3/16/1959)
  30. Act of Faith (3/23/1959)
  31. The Venus Adjourner (3/30/1959)
  32. Charlie, My Boy (4/6/1959)
  33. Annie's Old Beau (4/13/1959)
  34. Mail-Order Groom (4/20/1959)
  35. The Manager (4/27/1959)
  36. I'll Sing at Your Wedding (5/4/1959)
  37. A Question of Courage (5/11/1959)
  38. Mary MacNamara (5/18/1959)
  39. The Better Mouse Trap (5/25/1959)

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