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Breaking Point

Breaking Point Cast

Series Description

The Breaking Point TV show was a 60 minute medical drama series on ABC about the people who sought help from psychiatrists who worked at a Los Angeles hospital.

Breaking Point Cast

Paul Richards ................. Dr. McKinley Thompson
Eduard Franz .................. Dr. Edward Raymer

Breaking Point Trivia


Dr. Thompson was the chief resident psychiatrist and Dr. Raymer was his boss, the director of the psychiatric clinic.

The hospital where Drs. Thompson and Raymer worked was called "York Hospital".

The Breaking Point TV show didn't spend a lot of time showing viewers the interaction between patients and their psychiatrist. Most of the storyline was about the events that led to each patient developing a need for therapy.

ABC had a pretty nice lineup on Monday nights for the fall of 1963! "The Outer Limits" was on from 7:30-8:30PM, "Wagon Train" aired from 8:30 to 10:00PM, and "Breaking Point" followed from 10:00-11:00PM.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Solo for B-Flat Clarinet (9/16/1963)
  2. Last Summer We Didn't Go Away (9/23/1963)
  3. Fire and Ice (9/30/1963)
  4. Bird and Snake (10/7/1963)
  5. There Are the Hip, and There Are the Square (10/14/1963)
  6. The Bull Roarer (10/21/1963)
  7. Crack in an Image (10/28/1963)
  8. A Pelican in the Wilderness (11/4/1963)
  9. And James Was a Very Small Snail (11/11/1963)
  10. Whatsoever Things I Hear (11/18/1963)
  11. Who Is Mimi, What Is She? (12/2/1963)
  12. Millions of Faces (12/9/1963)
  13. The Gnu, Now Almost Extinct (12/16/1963)
  14. Heart of Marble, Body of Stone (12/23/1963)
  15. Don't Cry Baby, Don't Cry (12/30/1963)
  16. A Little Anger Is a Good Thing (1/6/1964)
  17. And If Thy Hand Offends Thee (1/13/1964)
  18. Better Than a Dead Lion (1/20/1964)
  19. A Land More Cruel (1/27/1964)
  20. No Squares in My Family Circle (2/10/1964)
  21. So Many Pretty Girls, So Little Time (2/17/1964)
  22. A Child of the Center Ring (2/24/1964)
  23. Tide of Darkness (3/2/1964)
  24. The Summer House (3/9/1964)
  25. Shadow of a Starless Night (3/16/1964)
  26. Glass Flowers Never Drop Petals (3/23/1964)
  27. Never Trouble Trouble, Till Trouble Troubles You (3/30/1964)
  28. Confounding Her Astronomers (4/6/1964)
  29. I, the Dancer (4/20/1964)
  30. My Hands Are Clean (4/27/1964)

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