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The Bracken's World TV show was a 60 minute drama series on NBC about the head of a movie studio with tremendous power over the stars, young actors and actresses who were trying to break into the business, directors, producers, and literally everyone else in the movie industry.

Bracken's World Cast

Eleanor Parker .... Sylvia Caldwell (Episodes 1-16)
Leslie Nielsen .... John Bracken (Second Season)
Warren Stevens .... John Bracken (Voice) (First Season)
Peter Haskell .... Kevin Grant
Elizabeth Allen .... Laura Deane
Laraine Stephens .... Diane Waring
Linda Harrison .... Paulette Douglas
Karen Jensen .... Rachel Holt
Bettye Ackerman .... Ann, Bracken's secretary (Episodes 17-26)
Dennis Cole .... Davey Evans (First Season)
Madlyn Rhue .... Marjorie Grant (First Season)
Stephen Oliver .... Tom Huston (Second Season)
Jeanne Cooper .... Mrs. Grace Douglas (Second Season)
Gary Dubin .... Mark Grant (Second Season)

Bracken's World Trivia

Numerous real-life movie stars appeared in cameo roles on the Bracken's World TV show.

The movies studios that John Bracken headed was called, "Century Studios".

Even though the series was called "Bracken's World", during the first season Eleanor Parker who played Bracken's executive secretary was actually the star of the show. John Bracken was never seen; the audience simply heard his voice. Eleanor Parker left the series after sixteen episodes. Then for the second season, Leslie Nielsen ("Police Squad") was hired to play the (now seen) character of John Bracken.

There were a couple of reasons that may have contributed to the low ratings that caused Bracken's World to be canceled halfway through it second season. First, the large movie studio system didn't really exist anymore by 1969. At least not in the glory of decades earlier. Secondly, Century Studios was in constant threat of economic ruin. Perhaps if the storylines would have been more glamorous, Bracken's World would have garnered higher ratings.

Unlike most struggling TV series, Bracken's World was left in the same time slot for its entire run. Maybe that's because it had the horrible Friday evenings at 10:00PM slot! At least it didn't have much competition in that slot. For season one, ABC was airing "Jimmy Durante Presents the Lennon Sisters". In season two ABC switched to another musical/variety show, "This is Tom Jones". CBS just ran the "CBS Friday Night Movie" during both seasons. Bracken's World ended NBC's primetime Friday schedule after "The High Chaparral" at 7:30PM and "The Name of the Game" at 8:30PM.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Fade-In (9/19/1969)
  2. Panic (9/26/1969)
  3. King David (10/3/1969)
  4. Don't You Cry for Susannah (10/10/1969)
  5. Options (10/17/1969)
  6. Closed Set (10/24/1969)
  7. The Sweet Smell of Failure (10/31/1969)
  8. The Stunt (11/7/1969)
  9. All the Beautiful Young Girls (11/14/1969)
  10. A Package Deal (11/28/1969)
  11. It's the Power Structure, Baby (12/5/1969)
  12. Move In for a Close-Up (12/12/1969)
  13. Stop Date (12/19/1969)
  14. The Chase Sequence (12/26/1969)
  15. Focus on a Gun (1/2/1970)
  16. The Money Men (1/9/1970)
  17. Meanwhile, Back at the Studio (1/16/1970)
  18. A Perfect Piece of Casting (1/30/1970)
  19. Superstar (aka Star Struck) (2/6/1970)
  20. Whatever Happened to Happy Endings? (2/13/1970)
  21. Fallen, Fallen Is Babylon (2/20/1970)
  22. Papa Never Spanked Me (2/27/1970)
  23. A Beginning, a Middle, and an End (3/6/1970)
  24. Diffusion (3/13/1970)
  25. Day for Night (3/20/1970)
  26. One, Two, Three... Cry (3/27/1970)
Season 2
  1. Love It or Leave It, Change It or Lose It (9/18/1970)
  2. Murder -- Off Camera (9/25/1970)
  3. Jenny, Who Bombs Buildings (10/2/1970)
  4. Together Again for the Last Time (10/9/1970)
  5. A Preview in Samarkand (10/16/1970)
  6. The Mary Tree (10/23/1970)
  7. Hey, Gringo -- Hey, Poncho (10/30/1970)
  8. A Team of One-Legged Acrobats (11/6/1970)
  9. The Anonymous Star (11/13/1970)
  10. Infinity (11/20/1970)
  11. The Nude Scene (11/27/1970)
  12. A Score Without Strings (12/4/1970)
  13. Will Freddy's Real Father Please Stand Up? (12/11/1970)
  14. The Country Boy (12/18/1970)
  15. Miss Isabel Blue (12/25/1970)

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