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Boondocks TV Show


Series Description

Boondocks is a 30 minute animated comedy series for adult audiences that aired on the Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim". It was about a grandfather who becomes the legal guardian of his grandchildren and moves them from the south side of Chicago, Illinois to the peaceful and secure suburb of Woodcrest hoping that they all can revel in the more civilized atmosphere. His two grandsons, however, decide to bring their south side attitudes with them and neither granddad or the neighbors are too happy about it!

Boondocks Characters


Regina King ................. Huey Freeman / Riley Freeman
John Witherspoon ............ Robert "Granddad" Freeman
Cedric Yarbrough ............ Tom Dubois / Miscellaneous
Gary Anthony Williams ....... Uncle Ruckus
Gabby Soleil ................ Jazmine Dubois
Jill Talley ................. Sarah Dubois / Miscellaneous

Boondocks Trivia

Boondocks, the TV series, is based on Aaron McGruder's controversial comic strip of the same name. In fact, McGruder originally created Boondocks with TV in mind but the controversy made it difficult to sell the show to any network. Comedy Central, HBO, MTV, and FOX all passed before the series was finally (years into the process) picked up by the Cartoon Network's late night sister network, "Adult Swim".

Reginald Hudlin helped McGruder to develop "Boondocks", but he left the project just 4 months before the first episode aired. McGruder and Hudlin had often made fun of the BET Network (Black Entertainment Television) in the past but, apparently, they didn't take offense. The reason Hudlin left Boondocks was to become the President of BET!

The word "Boondocks" actually comes from the Tagalog word "bundok" which means "mountain". Tagalog is a language spoken by more than 21 million people living in the Phillipines. U.S. Military personnel serving during the Spanish-American war brought the word back to the U.S. Eventually, "bundok" became transformed into "boondocks" and became a slang term for "the suburbs".

There were two episodes of Boondocks that were produced but were not broadcast. Their titles were, "The Hunger Strike" and "The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show".

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