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Boomtown TV Show

Boomtown Cast

Series Description

The Boomtown TV show was a 60 minute crime drama series on NBC where each weekly crime was shown through the eyes of all participants ... the victims, the criminals, the rescue workers, the cops on the scene, the detectives during their investigation, the witnesses, and the reporters.

Boomtown Cast

Donnie Wahlberg ........... Detective Joel Stevens
Mykelti Williamson ........ Detective Bobby "Fearless" Smith
Neal McDonough ............ David McNorris
Jason Gedrick ............. Tom Turcotte
Gary Basaraba ............. Ray Hechler
Lana Parrilla ............. Teresa Ortiz
Nina Garbiras ............. Andrea Little (Season 1)

Boomtown Trivia


There were four episodes that were produced but did not originally air after Boomtown was canceled. Their titles were "Wannabe", "Haystack", "The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang", and "The Big Picture".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (9/29/2002)
  2. Possession (10/6/2002)
  3. The Squeeze (10/13/2002)
  4. Reelin' in the Years (10/20/2002)
  5. All Hallow's Eve (10/27/2002)
  6. The Freak (11/3/2002)
  7. Insured by Smith & Wesson (11/10/2002)
  8. Crash (11/17/2002)
  9. The David McNorris Show (12/1/2002)
  10. Coyote (12/8/2002)
  11. Monster's Brawl (1/5/2003)
  12. Sinaloa Cowboys (1/12/2003)
  13. Home Invasion (3/2/2003)
  14. Execution (3/9/2003)
  15. Storm Watch (3/16/2003)
  16. Fearless (3/30/2003)
  17. Blackout (4/13/2003)
  18. Lost Child (4/20/2003)

Season 2

  1. The Love of Money (9/26/2003)
  2. Inadmissible (10/3/2003)

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