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Bob the Builder is a kids TV show. Little children around the world know and love Bob the Builder, the industrious craftsman. Bob teaches his young audience how to make friends with others and how to work together with them to accomplish seemingly overwhelming tasks! Bob says it all with his well-known mantra, "Can we do it! Yes we can!"

Bob the Builder Characters


Neil Morrissey .... Bob / Farmer Pickles / Lofty
Rob Rackstraw .... Muck / Roley / Scoop / Travis / Spud
Kate Harbour .... Wendy / Dizzy / Mrs Potts
Rupert Degas .... Scrambler / Zoomer / Sandy Beach
Greg Proops .... Bob

Bob The Builder Theme Song

Title: "Can We Fix It?"

By: "Paul Joyce"

Bob the Builder "Can we fix it?"
Bob the Builder, "Yes we can."

Scoop Muck and Dizzy and Rolly too, Lofty and Wendy join the crew.
Bob and the gang have so much fun, working together they get the job done.

Bob the Builder "Can we fix it?"
Bob the Builder, "Yes we can."

Pilchard and Bert, Travis and Spud
Playing together like good friends should.

Bob the Builder "Can we fix it?"
Bob the Builder, "Yes we can."

Bob the Builder Trivia

Many U.S. viewers are not aware that Bob the Builder originated in the United Kingdom on BBC2 in 1999. The series began airing on CBS in the U.S. in 2001.

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