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The Blue Angels TV show was an action series about four flyers who, together, comprised the U.S. Navy's precision flying team. In addition to showing their "on duty" flying abilities, the show also delved into their "off duty" adventures. They would help people in need, stop traitors from harming our freedoms and otherwise put a stop to evil-doers.

Blue Angels Cast

Dennis Cross .... Commander Arthur Richards
Morgan Jones .... Commander Donovan
Warner Jones .... Captain Wilber Scott
Don Gordon .... Lieutenant Hank Bertelli
Mike Galloway .... Lieutenant Russ MacDonald

Blue Angels Trivia

Burt Reynolds appeared on three episodes of Blue Angels! If you don't remember Burt from this series, maybe you're more familiar with his movie roles or his starring role on the TV series, "B.L. Stryker (1989)". Or if your memory is really good (and you're old enought), you might remember his role as Quint Asper, the Blacksmith, on the series, "Gunsmoke (1955)"!

The U.S. Navy co-operated in the production of this TV show and the footage of the Blue Angels flying in formation and performing their stunts was film of the actual Blue Angels flying their Grumman F11F jets!

Don Gordon was a good friend of Steve McQueen. They worked together on three films, "Bullitt (1968)", "Papillon (1973)", and "Towering Inferno, The (1974)". Don's birth name was Donald Walter Guadagno.

The Navy Department would have preferred that Blue Angels be more realistic and depict the real Blue Angels as strictly Naval Officers and precision pilots. The Navy often voiced their displeasure about the more exciting parts of the show where the Blue Angels were crime busting heroes. After one such objection, the series producer, Sam Gallu stated, "How the hell does the Pentagon know what happens to a Blue when he's off duty?".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Blue Angels - The First And Only Season

  1. Angel On Trial (9/26/1960)
  2. The Jarheads (10/3/1960)
  3. Blind Flight (10/10/1960)
  4. The Hollow Of His Hand (10/17/1960)
  5. Flying Lesson (10/24/1960)
  6. Tiger Blood (10/31/1960)
  7. Carrier Test (11/7/1960)
  8. Don't Scream At A Jet (11/14/1960)
  9. Sierra Survival - Part 1 (11/21/1960)
  10. Sierra Survival - Part 2 (11/28/1960)
  11. The Lebanon Incident (12/5/1960)
  12. Fire Fight (12/12/1960)
  13. Change Of Command (12/19/1960)
  14. The Diamond Goes To War (12/26/1960)
  15. Desert Witness (1/2/1961)
  16. Walkin' The Blues (1/9/1961)
  17. Everglades Story (1/16/1961)
  18. Not For The Moment (1/23/1961)
  19. Lost Cargo (1/30/1961)
  20. The Smugglers (2/6/1961)
  21. Alien Entry (2/13/1961)
  22. Miami Interlude (2/20/1961)
  23. Danger Signal (2/27/1961)
  24. To Save A Life (3/13/1961)
  25. Powder Puff Pilot (3/20/1961)
  26. Benediction For Cort (4/3/1961)
  27. Shark Package (4/10/1961)
  28. Smokejumpers (4/17/1961)
  29. County Fair (4/24/1961)
  30. Meeting On The Parallel (5/1/1961)
  31. Carrier Compromise (5/8/1961)
  32. The Arson Case (5/15/1961)
  33. Operation Breakout (5/22/1961)
  34. The Duster (5/29/1961)
  35. The Blue Leaders (6/5/1961)
  36. Second Best (6/12/1961)
  37. Pacific: Monteray Story (6/19/1961)
  38. The Fifth Angel (6/26/1961)
  39. The Sticking Season (7/3/1961)

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