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Blondie TV Show

Blondie Cast

Series Description

The Blondie TV show was a comedy series based upon the famed comic strip by Chic Young.

Blondie Cast

Pamela Britton ............. Blondie Bumstead
Arthur Lake ................ Dagwood Bumstead
Florenz Ames ............... J.C. Dithers
Harold Peary ............... Herb Woodley
Stuffy Singer .............. Alexander
Elvia Allman ............... Cora Dithers
Lucien Littlefield ......... Mr. Beasley
Ann Barnes ................. Cookie

Blondie Trivia


Before the Blondie TV show aired, there was also a Blondie Radio Show that starred Penny Singleton as Blondie and aired for a whopping eleven years and several Blondie movies. Then, in 1968, another TV series starring Patricia Harty as Blondie lasted for a measley 13 episodes.

In the original comics, Blondie was a single, carefree young girl who liked to party a lot. Eventually her character matured into a woman who won the love of a rich man's son (Dagwood) who was "cut off" financially when he married Blondie because the Bumstead's felt she was beneath their station in life. Blondie and Dagwood's love for each other conquered all, however, even Dagwood's bumbling demeanor!

Arthur Lake was born into a circus trapeze family. His father and uncle were stars on the high wire known as "The Flying Silverlakes". Arthur's acting career began as a baby with a role in "Uncle Tom's Cabin". He starred as a young man in several westerns and evolved into carefree romantic roles in his twenties. He was a close friend of newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst but will always be best known as Dagwood!

Pamela Britton appeared in several great films before becoming Blondie. Among them were "Anchors Aweigh" with co-star Frank Sinatra, "Key to the City" with Clark Gable, and "D.O.A." with Edmond O'Brien. Pamela isn't remembered as much for those roles, however, or for playing Blondie on TV. She's most remembered as Tim O'Hara and his Uncle Martin's nosy landlady on the TV series, "My Favorite Martian".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Blondie - The First and Only Season

  1. Dagwood's Ego for the Third Time (1/4/1957)
  2. Mr. Dithers Is Hospitalized (1/11/1957)
  3. Mr. Dithers Moves In (1/18/1957)
  4. The Other Woman (1/25/1957)
  5. Home Sweet Home (2/1/1957)
  6. Get That Gun (2/8/1957)
  7. Husbands Once Removed (2/15/1957)
  8. The Quiz Show (2/22/1957)
  9. The Payoff Money (3/8/1957)
  10. Hard Luck Idol (3/15/1957)
  11. Oil For the Lamps of Blondie (3/22/1957)
  12. Blondie the Breadwinner (3/29/1957)
  13. The Glamor Girl (4/5/1957)
  14. The Rummage Sale (4/12/1957)
  15. Deception (4/19/1957)
  16. Puppy Love (4/26/1957)
  17. Made to Fire (5/3/1957)
  18. Blondie Redecorates (5/10/1957)
  19. Blondie's Double (5/17/1957)
  20. The Spy (5/23/1957)
  21. Cupid's Question Column (5/31/1957)
  22. The Tramp (6/7/1957)
  23. The Grouch (6/14/1957)
  24. Alexander's 16th Birthday (6/21/1957)
  25. Howdy Neighbor (6/28/1957)
  26. The Feud (7/5/1957)

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