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Black Saddle TV Show

Black Saddle Cast
Series Description

The Black Saddle TV show was a 30 minute western action series on NBC for its first season and on ABC for the second season. It was about a wanted ex-gunfighter who became a lawyer in search of a less violent way of maintaining peace in the wild west. While trying to change his life by helping those in need of legal help, he was being tracked down by the persistent Marshal Scott for his past crimes.

Black Saddle Cast

Peter Breck ................. Clay Culhane
Russell Johnson ............. Marshal Gib Scott
Anna Lisa ................... Nora Travers

Black Saddle Trivia

The Black Saddle TV show was set in the New Mexico Territory immediately following the civil war.

Clay Culhane took off his guns and picked up his law books after his brothers, who were also gunfighters, were all killed in a shootout.

For its first season, the Black Saddle TV show took over the 9:00 to 9:30PM time slot on Saturday nights from another action series, "Steve Canyon". Steve Canyon didn't go off the air though. It simply moved to Thursday nights at 8:00PM to replace the canceled Ed Wynn Show (1958).

In the second season, Black Saddle was moved to the horrible 10:30PM slot on Friday nights. To make matters worse, it had to compete in that slot with "Person to Person" on CBS and the "Gillette Cavalcade of Sports" on NBC!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Client: Travers (1/10/1959)
  2. Client: Meade (1/17/1959)
  3. Client: McQueen (1/24/1959)
  4. Client: Dawes (1/31/1959)
  5. Client: Starkey (2/7/1959)
  6. Client: Tagger (2/14/1959)
  7. Client: Robinson (2/21/1959)
  8. Client: Martinez (3/7/1959)
  9. Client: Northrup (3/14/1959)
  10. Client: Steele (3/21/1959)
  11. Client: Mowery (3/28/1959)
  12. Client: Braun (4/4/1959)
  13. Client: Banks (4/11/1959)
  14. Client: Jessup (4/18/1959)
  15. Client: Frome (4/25/1959)
  16. Client: Nelson (5/2/1959)
  17. Client: Neal Adams (5/9/1959)
  18. Client: Brand (5/16/1959)
  19. Client: Reynolds (5/23/1959)
  20. Client: Vardon (5/30/1959)

Season 2

  1. The Freebooters (10/2/1959)
  2. The Saddle (10/9/1959)
  3. The Long Rider (10/16/1959)
  4. The Hotel (10/23/1959)
  5. Client: Peter Warren (10/30/1959)
  6. The Freight Line (11/6/1959)
  7. Murdock (11/13/1959)
  8. Apache Trail (11/20/1959)
  9. Four from Stillwater (11/27/1959)
  10. The Deal (12/4/1959)
  11. Change of Venue (12/11/1959)
  12. Blood Money (12/1/1959)
  13. The Killer (1/1/1960)
  14. Letter of Death (1/8/1960)
  15. Mr. Simpson (1/22/1960)
  16. Means to an End (1/29/1960)
  17. The Indian Tree (2/19/1960)
  18. The Apprentice (3/11/1960)
  19. Burden of Guilt (3/18/1960)
  20. The Cabin (4/1/1960)
  21. The Return (4/8/1960)
  22. A Case of Slow (4/15/1960)
  23. The Penalty (4/22/1960)
  24. End of the Line

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