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Blacklist TV Show

Blacklist Cast
Series Description

The Blacklist TV show is a 60 minute crime drama series on NBC about a former government agent turned most wanted criminal mastermind named Raymond Reddington who offers the FBI a deal. He will assist them in capturing a whole long list of criminals that the FBI is utterly unaware of if they agree that he works directly with a brand new, young female agent named Elizabeth Keen and only with her! He won't say why she is the only one he will deal with but she obviously holds some special interest for him.

Blacklist Cast

James Spader .... Raymond "Red" Reddington
Megan Boone .... Agent Elizabeth Keen
Harry Lennix .... Assistant Director Harold Cooper
Diego Klattenhoff .... Donald Ressler
Ryan Eggold .... Tom Keen
Parminder Nagra .... Agent Meera Malik
Amir Arison .... Aram Mojtabai
Hisham Tawfiq ....Dembe

Blacklist Trivia

One of the things that makes the Blacklist TV show so unique is that there is a double plot to each episode. The pursuit of a criminal and the mystery behind Redington's interest in agent Keen.

Kiefer Sutherland was considered as a possibility for the role of Red Reddington.

The Blacklist has garnered high critical acclaim for the scripts full of intriguing plot twists and the acting, especially the performances of James Spader!

It's somewhat amazing how much James Spader brings substance to the Blacklist! In Australia the series premiered under the title, "James Spader's The Blacklist"!

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