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Big Eddie TV Show

Big Eddie Cast

Series Description

The Big Eddie TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on CBS about a reformed gambler turned sports promoter from New York City. He had that tough, hard exterior like many residents of the Big Apple but he was a marshmallow on the inside. He wanted to shed his tough-guy exterior but he found that a difficult, if not impossible, task.

Big Eddie Cast

Sheldon Leonard ............... Eddie Smith
Sheree North .................. Honey Smith
Alan Oppenheimer .............. Jessie Smith
Quinn Cummings ................ Ginger Smith
Ralph Wilcox .................. Raymond McKay
Billy Sands ................... Monte "Bang Bang" Valentine

Big Eddie Trivia


Big Eddie was not only the promoter of the Big E. Sports Arena in New York City, he also was the owner!

Eddie's former gambling didn't make him the only character on the Big Eddie TV show with a tainted past. His wife "Honey" was an ex-stripper.

The Big Eddie TV show's first three episodes were broadcast as a pre-season sneak peak at 8:30PM on Saturday nights. Then the series moved to friday nights at 8:00PM in competition with NBC's hit series, "Sanford and Son". That pretty much destroyed it chances of success!

Eddie's brother Jesse was the accountant for Big Eddie's sports arena business.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Man of the Year (8/23/1975)
  2. One Nation Invisible (8/30/1975)
  3. Hello Poppa (9/6/1975)
  4. Too Many Grandmothers (9/19/1975)
  5. Who Am I? (9/26/1975)
  6. Crashing Violet (10/3/1975)
  7. Eddie Makes a Speech (10/10/1975)
  8. One of Our Red Shoes Is Missing (10/24/1975)
  9. Alone Together (10/31/1975)
  10. Date with Eddie (11/7/1975)

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