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Beyond Reality TV Show

Beyond Reality Cast
Series Description

The Beyond Reality TV show was a 30 minute fantasy series on the USA Network about two parapsychologists who investigated paranormal events such as telekinesis, out-of-body experiences and ghosts.

Beyond Reality Cast

Shari Belafonte ... Doctor Laura Wingate
Carl Marotte ...... Professor J.J. Stillman
Nikki De Boer ..... Celia Powell

Beyond Reality Trivia

The episodes were loosely based on actual reports of paranormal phenomena.

There was kind of an "X-Files" twist to the plots. Doctor Laura Wingate (like Fox Mulder) tended to believe in the validity of the paranormal events that she experienced. Professor J.J. Stillman, Wingate's partner, was more like Dana Scully. He was skeptical in the beginning, but by the end of the episode, he would realize that something out of the ordinary was taking place.

While the city that the show took place in was never mentioned by name, there were many visual clues that the city was Toronto where the series was filmed.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Mirror, Mirror (10/4/1991)
  2. The Doppelganger (10/11/1991)
  3. Miracle Worker (10/18/1991)
  4. Return Visit (10/25/1991)
  5. Intimate Shadows (11/1/1991)
  6. Echoes of Evil (11/8/1991)
  7. Range of Motion (11/15/1991)
  8. The Cold (11/22/1991)
  9. The Bridge (11/29/1991)
  10. Black Magic (12/6/1991)
  11. Enemy In Our Midst (12/13/1991)
  12. Asylum (12/20/1991)
  13. Killer Instinct (12/27/1991)
  14. Sins of the Father (4/17/1992)
  15. Nightmare Without End (4/24/1992)
  16. Matter of Darkness (5/1/1992)
  17. Siren Song (5/8/1992)
  18. Justice (5/15/1992)
  19. The Fire Within (5/22/1992)
  20. The Color of Mad (5/29/1992)

Season 2

  1. The Burning Judge (9/19/1992)
  2. Theatre of the Absurd (9/26/1992)
  3. Woman of His Dreams (10/3/1992)
  4. Nightfall (10/10/1992)
  5. Dancing with the Man (10/17/1992)
  6. The Dying of the Light (10/24/1992)
  7. A Kiss Is Just a Psi (10/31/1992)
  8. Late for Dinner (11/7/1992)
  9. Where There's Smoke... (11/14/1992)
  10. Demon in the Flame (11/21/1992)
  11. A Mind of Their Own (12/5/1992)
  12. Final Flight (12/12/1992)
  13. Facing the Wall (12/19/1992)
  14. Inner Ear (1/9/1993)
  15. Dead Air (1/16/1993)
  16. Let's Play House (1/23/1993)
  17. The Loving Cup (1/30/1993)
  18. The Passion (2/6/1993)
  19. Forget Me Not (2/13/1993)
  20. Face-Off (2/20/1993)
  21. Keepsake (2/27/1993)
  22. The Box (3/6/1993)
  23. Reunion (3/13/1993)
  24. Bloodstone (3/20/1993)

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