Beyond Chance

Beyond Chance Cast
Series Description

The Beyond Chance TV show was a 60 minute anthology fantasy/horror series on the Lifetime Network that explored real life events that forever changed the lives of mostly women but occasionally also men.

Beyond Chance Cast

Host .... Melissa Etheridge

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Reunion On Rounds/Apple A Day/Three Dreams/Angel On Her Shoulder/Hearts & Souls (8/15/1999)
  2. A Perfect Match/Classified Miracle/Double Shocker: Two Women, One Past/Look Up For Yes (8/22/1999)
  3. Her Psychic Vision/Twice In A Lifetime/Mind's Eye/A Healing Journey/Close Caller (8/29/1999)
  4. Meghan's Legacy/A Test Of Faith/Mother's Intuition/Blind Vision/Grandparent Guardian (9/5/1999)
  5. Family Flight/Emergency On Route 7/Healing Pets/Dream Doctor/Vision Quest (9/12/1999)
  6. Patti's Wish/Faith's Secret/Heal Thyself/Friends Forever/A Vision Of Michael (9/19/1999)
  7. Meant To Be/Miracle Vision/Restless Spirit/River's Edge/Resurrection (9/26/1999)
  8. Deep Waters/Long Distance/A Healing Vision/Freeway Of Love/The Most Beautiful Garden (10/10/1999)
  9. And Baby Makes 3/Survivor/Pray For The Hunters/A Mother's Love/Message In A Bottle (10/17/1999)
  10. The Promise/A Second Chance/Psychic Trackdown/Snowball's Chance/A Friend In Need (10/24/1999)
  11. Her Sister's Keeper/You Will Live/Eye Of The Storm/Date With Destiny/Let's Talk About Ryan (10/31/1999)
  12. So Near Yet So Far/Out Of Sight/A Healing Song/One Lucky Day/Gone Fishing (11/28/1999)
  13. The Two Of Us/Out Of The Ashes/Echoes In The Dark/Reunion To Go/Silent Vision (12/5/1999)
  14. Labor Day/A Message Of Hope: Part I, II & III/A Boy And His Dog (12/12/1999)
  15. City Of Angels/A Will To Live/Matters Of Life And Death/Vital Visit/The Dog's Diagnosis (12/19/1999)
  16. Journey Of The Heart/A Familiar Face/Silver Angels/Dog Gone/See You In The Funny Papers (1/2/2000)
  17. Adventure In The Blood/Mothers & Daughters/Healing Harps/A Shock To The System/Her Mission (1/9/2000)
  18. The Water's Edge/Queen Of Hearts/Falling In Love Again/ Family Circle/Lured Into Dawn (1/16/2000)
  19. Gathering Of The Bells/The Water Is Wide/Desolation Canyon/An Easy Mistake/Two Hearts (1/23/2000)
  20. The Lady In Black/To Russia With Love/Friend Of A Friend/Two Ladies In London/The Right Wrong Number (1/30/2000)
  21. Swimming For Life/Collision Course/Lifeline/Fire In The Night/The Long Road Back (3/5/2000)
  22. Flashpoint/Her Father's Voice/Mother Knows Best/Fast Friends/The Waiting Room (3/12/2000)
Season 2
  1. Let's Do Lunch/Message From Beyond - Parts 1 & 2/8 Buck Book/Intersection (7/23/2000)
  2. Baby Born Outside The Womb/Serpent's Tooth/Hungarian Rhapsody (7/30/2000)
  3. Two Brides, One Dress/Long Way To Buffalo/Double Transplant/Patch The Pooch/Breath To Breath (8/6/2000)
  4. Roller Rink Reunion/Rewards Of Friendship/A Daughter's Destiny/Speaking Of Love/The Cop & the Psychic (8/13/2000)
  5. Special Delivery/Moment Of Parting/Last Table Of The Night/54 Year Reunion/Premature Concerns (8/20/2000)
  6. St. Peters Reunion/Wall Of Memory/Two Letters On A Desk/A Home In El Dorado (8/27/2000)
  7. Dangerous Treatment/It's A Mitzvah/Driving Back To Idaho/TTFN/The Chill Factor (9/3/2000)
  8. The Two Jennifers And Their Six Children/The African Connection/John Doe's Mother/The Man Who Had All The Luck (9/10/2000)
  9. Door Prize Quadruplets/Tennessee Twiste/Life Is Short, Art Is Long/Lucky's Liver/Rocky Road (10/8/2000)
  10. Amino Baby/Airplane Reunion/Born For Each Other/Lost Pomeranian/Alaskan Copter Crash (10/22/2000)
  11. Resurrection Mary/English Kid - German Pilots/0 ... 0 ... 5/Del Coronado Ghost (10/29/2000)
  12. Mother And Daughter Cancer/Adopted Girl Meets Half Sister (12/29/2000)
  13. Long-Lost Cousins/Cardiac Defibrillators On Airplanes (1/26/2001)
  14. Women Escape Accident/Woman Saves Dog (2/21/2001)
  15. Premonition Saves Unborn Baby/Man Offers Dying Wife's Heart (2/28/2001)
  16. Her Psychic Vision/Twice In A Lifetime/Mind's Eye/Close Caller/Healing Journey (3/28/2001)
  17. Kevin From Heaven/London Calling/Ukranian Reunion/Cousins In Class (5/12/2001)
  18. Keep The Change/Mixed Doubles/Warning Dream/Green Parrot (5/19/2001)
  19. Lost Purse/Baby Alive/Fear Of Fire/Pen Pals Meet 11 Years Later/Come Back, Little Sheba (5/26/2001)
  20. A Boy And His Dog/Labor Day (6/2/2001)
  21. Angel Is My Co-Host/Family Next Door/Dreaming Of Drowning/Irish Pony (6/9/2001)
  22. Wall Of Memory; Two Letters On A Desk; Dreaming About Dad (6/16/2001)

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