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Between Brothers

Between Brothers Cast

Series Description

The Between Brothers TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on the Fox Network about a hard-working doctor, his playboy brother, and two of their friends from college. To say the least, the brothers had two totally different theories about how to live life!

Between Brothers Cast

Kadeem Hardison ........... Charles Winston
Tommy Davidson ............ Mitchell Ford
Dondre Whitfield .......... James Winston
Kelly Perine .............. Dusty Canyon
Rachel Crawford ........... Terri

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. In Case of Emergency (9/11/1997)
  2. The Big Three-Oh (9/18/1997)
  3. Just Friends (9/25/1997)
  4. The Player (10/16/1997)
  5. The List (10/23/1997)
  6. Family Affair (10/30/1997)
  7. Dusty's In Love (11/6/1997)
  8. New Beginnings (11/13/1997)
  9. Elephant Men (12/4/1997)
  10. Scandalous (12/11/1997)
  11. The Interview (12/18/1997)
  12. Kung Fools (1/22/1998)
  13. Road Rules (1/29/1998)

Season 2

  1. Let It Ride (2/9/1999)
  2. Fantasy Camp/Home Boyz of Summer (2/16/1999)
  3. Spring Time (2/23/1999)
  4. Fire Walk (3/2/1999)

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