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The Betty Hutton Show

The Betty Hutton Show Cast

Series Description

The Betty Hutton Show was a 30 minute comedy series on CBS about a former showgirl named Goldie who was doing manicures when one of her regular customers died and left her a huge fortune in his will. She also was named the guardian of his three teenaged children. The comedy came in when Goldie had to deal with "upper crust" people, when the children had to relate to a scatter-brained guardian, and when the family lawyer had to try to keep Goldie in line when dealing with financial matters.

Betty Hutton Show Cast

Betty Hutton .............. Goldie Appleby
Gigi Perreau .............. Pat Strickland
Richard Miles ............. Nicky Strickland
Dennis Joel ............... Roy Strickland
Jean Carson ............... Rosemary
Tom Conway ................ Howard Seaton
Joan Shawlee .............. Lorna
Gavin Muir ................ Hollister


The Betty Hutton Show had some major competition in its 8:00 to 8:30 time slot on Thursday evenings. ABC was airing its hit comedy series, "The Donna Reed Show" and NBC was running "Bat Masterson".

Goldie Appleby wasn't the only weirdo that the kids had to deal with because Goldie's ex-roommates Lorna and Rosemary often dropped by for a visit.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Betty Hutton Show - The First and Only Season

  1. Goldie Crosses the Tracks (10/1/1959)
  2. Goldie and the 400 (10/8/1959)
  3. Goldie Goes to a Dog Show (10/15/1959)
  4. Goldie Knots the Old School Tie (10/22/1959)
  5. Who Killed Vaudeville? (10/29/1959)
  6. Goldie Goes Broke (11/5/1959)
  7. Goldie's Playground (11/12/1959)
  8. Nicky's First Love (11/19/1959)
  9. Hollister's Mother (11/26/1959)
  10. Art for Goldie's Sake (12/3/1959)
  11. Jenny (12/17/1959)
  12. The Christmas Story (12/24/1959)
  13. Goldie Goes to Court (12/31/1959)
  14. Love Comes to Goldie (1/7/1960)
  15. Goldie's Birthday Party (1/14/1960)
  16. Roy Runs Away (1/21/1960)
  17. Rock 'n' Roll (1/28/1960)
  18. Goldie and the Tycoon (2/4/1960)
  19. Goldie Meets Betty Hutton (2/11/1960)
  20. Rosemary's Romance (2/18/1960)
  21. The Cold War (2/25/1960)
  22. Goldie Gets Amnesia (3/3/1960)
  23. The Seaton Story (3/10/1960)
  24. Goldie Meets Mike (3/17/1960)
  25. Daddy Goldie (3/24/1960)
  26. Gullible Goldie (3/31/1960)
  27. The School Bully (4/7/1960)
  28. The Flashback Story (4/14/1960)
  29. Goldie Without Men (4/28/1960)
  30. Goldie on 'Face to Face' (5/5/1960)

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