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Bering Sea Gold is a 60 minute reality series on the Discovery Channel about the owners, Captains and deckhands on four dredges designed to mine gold from the ocean floor in the Bering Sea. It's a tough life with nasty sudden changes in weather, equipment breakdowns and the constant knowledge that if anything goes wrong, someone could die. Those conditions often result in the men and women seeking riches to get on each others' nerves but the potential rewards are huge so the dangerous work goes on!

Bering Sea Gold Cast

Thom Beers .... Narrator (Season 1-Present)
Vernon Adkison .... Owner: Wild Ranger (Season 1)
Scott Meisterheim .... Captain: Wild Ranger (Season 1)
Steve Riedel .... Deckhand: Wild Ranger (Season 1) / Deckhand: Clark (Season 2)
Jason Walker .... Deckhand: Wild Ranger (Season 1)
Steve Pomrenke .... Co-Owner: Christine Rose (Season 1)
Shawn Pomrenke .... Co-Owner: Christine Rose (Season 1) / Owner: Shamrock (Season 2-)
Cody Moen .... Deckhand: Christine Rose (Season 1) / Deckhand: Shamrock (Season 2-)
Robbi Wade .... Deckhand: Christine Rose (Season 1)
Zeke Tenhoff .... Owner: The Clark (Season 1-Present)
Emily Riedel .... Deckhand: The Clark (Season 1-Present)
Ian Foster .... Owner: Sluicey (Season 1)
Scott Foster .... Deckhand: Sluicey (Season 1)
Jason Higa .... Deckhand: Shamrock (Season 2-)
Joe Fullwood .... Deckhand: Lazy Gator (Season 2-)
Jesse Strickling .... Deckhand: Lazy Gator (Season 2-)
Derek McClarty .... Deckhand: Lazy Gator (Season 2-)
Ricky Larsen .... Deckhand: Lazy Gator (Season 2-)
Jacob Musich .... Deckhand: Lazy Gator (Season 2-)
John Bunce .... Team Member: The Clark (Season 2-)
Grant Wilkins .... Mechanic: The Clark (Season 2-)
Ken Hughes .... Refiner (Season 2-)

Bering Sea Gold Trivia

The first season of Bering Sea Gold showed ocean gold mining during the summer and what a challenge that is but in season two the series switched to ocean gold mining during colder times and changed the title of the series to, "Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice".

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