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Ben and Kate TV Show

Ben and Kate Cast

Series Description

Ben and Kate is a 30 minute comedy series that premiered on September 9, 2012 on Fox. It's about a brother and sister who see life totally differently. Kate is a realist who works hard to provide a good life for herself and her daughter. Ben's life is going nowhere. He has no goals. He lives life day-by-day. You might think that when Ben decides to move in with his sister that their personalities might clash, and you'd be right. But what you might not see is that Ben might get some direction in his life from seeing his sister's example and Kate might learn to loosen up a bit and enjoy life more.

Ben and Kate Cast


Nat Faxon ................... Ben Fox
Dakota Johnson .............. Kate Fox
Austin Stowell .............. Ryan
Maggie Jones ................ Maddie Fox
Echo Kellum ................. Tommy
Lucy Punch .................. BJ

Ben and Kate Trivia

There were three episodes of Ben and Kate that were produced but not broadcast due to early cancellaton of the series. Their titles were "Gone Fishin'", "Father-Daughter Dance" and "Ethics 101".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (9/25/2012)
  2. Bad Cop, Bad Cop (10/2/2012)
  3. The Fox Hunt (10/9/2012)
  4. 21st Birthday (10/16/2012)
  5. Emergency Kit (10/23/2012)
  6. Scaredy Kate (10/30/2012)
  7. Career Day (11/13/2012)
  8. Reunion (11/20/2012)
  9. Guitar Face (11/27/2012)
  10. The Trip (12/4/2012)
  11. B-Squad (1/8/2013)
  12. Girl Problems (1/15/2013)
  13. Bake Off (1/22/2013)
  14. Gone Fishin' (3/11/2013)
  15. Father-Daughter Dance (3/18/2013)
  16. Ethics 101 (Series Finale) (3/18/2013)

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