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Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors Cast
Series Description

The Behind Closed Doors TV show was a 30 minute spy drama series on NBC about the adventures of a U.S. counterespionage agent during the early years of the cold war with the Soviet Union.

Behind Closed Doors Cast

Bruce Gordon ............... Commander Matson

Behind Closed Doors Trivia

The storylines for the episodes of the Behind Closed Doors TV show were inspired the files of a retired Navy Rear Admiral named Ellis M. Zacharias. He had served in Naval Intelligence for 25 years and also served as the host and technical consultant for the series.

In its 9:00 to 9:30 PM time slot on Thursdays, Behind Closed Doors had to compete with "The Pat Boone Chevy Showroom" on ABC and the "Zane Grey Theater" on CBS.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Behind Closed Doors - The First and Only Season

  1. The Cape Canaveral Story (10/2/1958)
  2. Flight to Freedom (10/9/1958)
  3. Double Jeopardy (10/16/1958)
  4. Mig 9 (10/23/1958)
  5. Trouble in Test Cell 10 (10/30/1958)
  6. Man in the Moon (11/6/1958)
  7. The Nike Story (11/13/1958)
  8. It Was Learned on High Authority (11/27/1958)
  9. The Enemy on the Flank (12/4/1958)
  10. A Cover of Art (12/11/1958)
  11. The Middle East Story (12/18/1958)
  12. The Brioni Story (12/25/1958)
  13. The Obelisk (1/1/1959)
  14. The Germany Story (1/8/1959)
  15. The Alkaloid Angle (1/22/1959)
  16. Crypto 40 (1/29/1959)
  17. The Alaskan Story (2/5/1959)
  18. The Quemoy Story (2/12/1959)
  19. The Espionage Students (2/19/1959)
  20. The Geneva Story (2/26/1959)
  21. The Meeting (3/5/1959)
  22. Mightier Than the Sword (3/12/1959)
  23. The Gamble (3/19/1959)
  24. Double Agent (3/26/1959)
  25. The Antidote (4/2/1959)
  26. Assignment Prague (4/9/1959)

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