Beauty and the Beast (2012)

Beauty and the Beast Cast

Series Description

This 2012 version of Beauty and the Beast is a 60 minute fantasy series on the CW about a man named Vincent Keller who received animal DNA which causes him to behave like an animal when he gets mad. He eventually develops a romantic attraction with a homicide detective with the NYPD named Catherine Chandler. When Catherine was 19-years-old her mother was murdered by two gunmen who also nearly killed her until a man-beast saved her. That man-beast was Vincent who she would meet again nine years later!

Beauty and the Beast Cast

Kristin Kreuk .... Catherine Chandler
Jay Ryan .... Vincent Keller
Max Brown .... Evan Marks
Nina Lisandrello .... Tess Vargas
Austin Basis .... J.T. Forbes
Brian White .... Joe Bishop
Nicole Anderson .... Heather Chandler
William deVry .... Dr. Sorenson

Beauty and the Beast Trivia

Vincent received his animal DNA while serving in the military and taking part in a super secret project to convert typical soldiers into super fighting machines. The other members of his unit were killed mysteriously when the project was ended but Vincent managed to escape.

Vincent was a Doctor before he entered the military.

J.T. Forbes has been a friend of Vincent's since childhood. He is now a college Professor and is hiding Vincent from the hit men who are still trying to terminate him.

Vincent's first name was originally supposed to be "Koslow" before being changed to Vincent, the same first name as the same character in the 1987-1990 series also titled, "Beauty and the Beast". On that series, Vincent was never given a last name. This series is a remake of that one, not a spinoff.

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