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Assignment: Underwater

Assignment: Underwater Cast
Series Description

The Assignment: Underwater TV show was a 30 minute adventure action series that aired in syndication. It was about an ex-marine / professional scuba diver and his 8-year-old little girl who sailed around the world chartering their boat and experiencing one adventure after another!

Assignment: Underwater Cast

Bill Williams ............... Bill Greer
Diane Mountford ............. Patty Greer

Assignment: Underwater Trivia

Bill and Patty Greer's boat was named the "Lively Lady".

Bill Williams starred on two other TV series prior to Assignment: Underwater. He played Kit Carson on the 1951 series, "The Adventures of Kit Carson" and he portrayed the husband on a 1957 comedy series where his wife was played by Betty White.

Assignment: Underwater was Diane Mountford's only starring role on a series but she appeared on an additional 17 TV episodes after Assignment: Underwater ended as a guest star including roles on such popular shows as "Bonanza", "Gunsmoke", "Leave It to Beaver", "Perry Mason", "Wagon Train", "Gomer Pyle USMC", "My Three Sons", and "Family Affair"!

Assignment: Underwater took audiences to exotic places that most people could only dream of in 1960 like Alaska, Cuba, Hawaii, Korea and many tropical settings.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Assignment: Underwater - The First And Only Season

  1. The Hot Chihuaha (9/9/1960)
  2. Operation Betrayal (9/16/1960)
  3. The Sea Cave (9/23/1960)
  4. Panic Off Punta Banda (9/30/1960)
  5. The Gun (10/7/1960)
  6. The Coast Watcher (10/14/1960)
  7. Charley Noble's Pearl (10/21/1960)
  8. Dead-Log Pickup (10/28/1960)
  9. Decoy (11/4/1960)
  10. A Matter Of Honor (11/11/1960)
  11. The Portrait (11/18/1960)
  12. A Message To Mulligan (11/25/1960)
  13. Troubled Waters (12/2/1960)
  14. Tension Below (12/9/1960)
  15. A Drop In The Ocean (12/16/1960)
  16. The Medal (12/23/1960)
  17. Odd Man Dies (12/30/1960)
  18. NightMAre Bay (1/6/1961)
  19. Affair In Tokyo (1/13/1961)
  20. The Key (1/20/1961)
  21. The Dam (1/27/1961)
  22. Boat Missing (2/3/1961)
  23. Killer Bait (2/10/1961)
  24. Journey To Death (2/17/1961)
  25. The Target (2/24/1961)
  26. Dead Weight (3/3/1961)
  27. Ghost Dive (3/10/1961)
  28. Swamp Light (3/17/1961)
  29. Ship Killer (3/24/1961)
  30. Gold Fever (3/31/1961)
  31. A Question Of Degree (4/7/1961)
  32. Witness From The Dead (4/14/1961)
  33. Anchor Man (4/21/1961)
  34. The Secret Of The Reef (4/28/1961)
  35. Rescue At Diamond Shoal (5/5/1961)
  36. Ordeal At Forty Fathoms (5/12/1961)
  37. No Escape (5/19/1961)
  38. Partners In Death (5/26/1961)
  39. The Deadly Game (6/2/1961)

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