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The Ashlee Simpson Show

The Ashlee Simpson Show Cast

Series Description

The Ashlee Simpson Show was a 30 minute reality series on MTV about a young teenage girl trying to become a singing superstar while dealing with parents, a boyfriend, a sister who already has achieved stardom and all of the other challenges that maturing into young adulthood brings.

Ashlee Simpson Show Cast

Ashlee Simpson
Ryan Cabrera
Stephanie McGuire
Lauren Zelman
Jessica Simpson
Jordan Schur
Jennifer Morrison
John Shanks
Joe Simpson
Tina Simpson
Nick Lachey

Episodes List With Original Air Dates


Season 1

  1. Ashlee Moves Onward and Upward (6/16/2004)
  2. Ashlee Verses Her Label (6/23/2004)
  3. Ashlee Rocks Ryan's World (6/30/2004)
  4. Valentine's Bummer (7/7/2004)
  5. Ashlee Strikes a Pose (7/14/2004)
  6. Ashlee Performs Live (7/21/2004)
  7. Ashlee Hits the Big Time (7/28/2004)
  8. Ashlee Goes Platinum (8/4/2004)

Season 2

  1. Ashlee Heads to the Big Apple (1/26/2005)
  2. Ashlee's Notorious Performance (2/2/2005)
  3. Ashlee Turns 20 (2/9/2005)
  4. Ashlee Backs Up Her Vocals (2/16/2005)
  5. New Female Artist of the Year (2/23/2005)
  6. Jingle Ball Rock (3/2/2005)
  7. Happy New Year! (3/9/2005)
  8. The Orange Bowl (3/16/2005)
  9. Puppy Love (3/23/2005)
  10. The Show Must Go On... - Part 1 (3/30/2005)
  11. The Show Must Go On... - Part 2 (3/31/2005)

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