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Arrest And Trial Cast
Series Description

The Arrest And Trial TV show was a police, courtroom drama series similar to "Law And Order" except that "Arrest And Trial" was 90 minutes in length. The first 45 minutes of each episode involved catching the criminal and the last 45 minutes covered the trial.

Arrest And Trial Cast

Ben Gazzara .... Detective Sergeant Nick Anderson
Chuck Connors .... Attorney John Egan
John Larch .... Deputy District Attorney Jerry Miller
John Kerr .... Assistant Deputy District Attorney Barry Pine
Noah Keen .... Detective Lieutenant Bone
Roger Perry .... Detective Sergeant Dan Kirby
Joe Higgins .... Jake Skakespeare
Jo Anne Miya .... Janet Okada
Don Galloway .... Mitchell Harris

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Arrest And Trial - The First And Only Season

  1. Call It A Lifetime (9/15/1963)
  2. Isn't It A Lovely View (9/22/1963)
  3. Tears From A Silver Dipper (9/29/1963)
  4. A Shield Is For Hiding Behind (10/6/1963)
  5. My Name Is Martin Burnham (10/13/1963)
  6. A Flame In The Dark (10/20/1963)
  7. Whose Little Girl Are You? (10/27/1963)
  8. The Witnesses (11/3/1963)
  9. Inquest Into A Bleeding Heart (11/10/1963)
  10. The Quality Of Justice (11/17/1963)
  11. Signals From An Ancient Flame (11/24/1963)
  12. We May Be Better Strangers (12/1/1963)
  13. Journey Into Darkness (12/8/1963)
  14. Some Weeks Are All Mondays (12/15/1963)
  15. Run, Little Man, Run (12/22/1963)
  16. Funny Man With A Monkey (1/5/1964)
  17. Onward And Upward (1/19/1964)
  18. An Echo Of Conscience (1/26/1964)
  19. Somewhat Lower Than The Angels (2/2/1964)
  20. People In Glass Houses (2/9/1964)
  21. The Best There Is (2/16/1964)
  22. A Roll Of The Dice (2/23/1964)
  23. The Black Flower (3/1/1964)
  24. A Circle Of Strangers (3/8/1964)
  25. Modus Operandi (3/15/1964)
  26. Tigers Are For Jungles (3/22/1964)
  27. The Revenge Of The Worm (3/29/1964)
  28. He Ran For His Life (4/5/1964)
  29. Those Whose Love Has Made (4/12/1964)
  30. Birds Of A Feather (4/19/1964)

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