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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Characters

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Cast

Series Description

Aqua Teen Hunger Force was a 15 minute animated comedy kids TV show on the Cartoon Network about a pistachio milkshake, an order of french fries and a meatball who shared a house together and fought evil wherever they found it despite their constant disagreements.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Characters



Dave Willis .................... Meatwad / Carl Brutananadilewski / Ignignokt
Carey Means .................... Frylock
Dana Snyder .................... Master Shake
C. Martin Croker ............... Dr. Weird / Steve (2000-2003)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Trivia

The first appearance of any of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force characters was when Master Shake appeared on "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" in its 92nd episode titled, "Baffler Meal".

When they move around, the teens make sounds like the food they play would if it moved. The creators of Aqua Teen Hunger Force bought 8 pounds of hamburger, for example, and squeezed it in order to make the squishy sound that hamburger would make if it could move around.

The eleven minutes of footage required for each episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force costs approximately $60,000 to produce. Believe it or not, that is extremely low for an animated TV show.

Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro spend four to five weeks writing each script. Then they produce a rough draft of the show video and get the voice actors to dub in the voices. Final editing and production takes another five weeks or so.

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