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Series Description

The Angie TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC with a great theme song. It was about a coffee shop waitress (Angie) who felt sorry for a customer (Brad) who she thought was poor and, therefore, gave him some free pastries. When it turned out that he was actually a doctor from a rich family, they fell in love and got married. This was not the typical "Cinderella" story, however, as Angie was not "taken" with the rich lifestyle. After a brief stay in Brad's huge mansion, she convinced him to move to a smaller house and live more like average Americans. Angie even kept working at the coffee shop (although she did buy it).

Angie Cast

Donna Pescow .... Angie Falco Benson
Robert Hays .... Brad Benson
Debralee Scott .... Marie Falco
Doris Roberts .... Theresa Falco
Emory Bass .... Phipps
Valri Bromfield .... Mary Mary
Susan Duvall .... Mary Grace
Nancy Lane .... Mary Katherine
Tammy Lauren .... Hillary (1979)
John Randolph .... Randall Benson
Diane Robin .... Didi Malloy
Sharon Spelman .... Joyce Benson
Tim Thomerson .... Gianni (1979-1980)

Angie Trivia

Angie was one in a long line of series that were canceled mostly due to scheduling changes. Angie was in the top ten programs when it first appeared on ABC - Tuesday nights - following the series, "Happy Days". The series, "Laverne and Shirley" had been in Angies slot previously, but had been moved to Thursday night were it also bombed due to the schedule change and was almost canceled. So anyway, the Angie TV show was moved to various slots to make room for Laverne and Shirley to return to Tuesdays. Angie's audience got tired of looking throughout the entire weekly guide to find it each week and the show fell to the bottom of the ratings! Now some might say that it only did well in the beginning because it had Happy Days as a "lead-in". But five years after Angie was canceled, ABC ran re-runs of the show and it did very well ... so well that it later found success in syndication too!

Angie Song Lyrics

Title: "Different Worlds"

By: "Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox"

Let the time flow,
Let the love grow,
Let the rain shower,
Let the rose flower.

Love it seeks,
And love it finds,
Love it conquers,
Love it binds.

We come to each other from different worlds.
Drawn to each other by the love inside of us.
We give to each other our different worlds.
As long as we can do it, life is gonna breeze right through it.

Let the time flow,
Let the love grow,
Let the rain shower,
Let the rose flower.

Love it seeks,
And love it finds,
Love it conquers,
Love it binds.

Love it seeks,
And love it finds,
Love it seeks,
Love it finds,
Love it conquers,
Love it binds.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Angie - Season 1

  1. The Morning After (2/1/1979)
  2. The Proposal (2/8/1979)
  3. Wedding Wings (2/15/1979)
  4. The Elopement (2/22/1979)
  5. The Adjustment (3/15/1979)
  6. Theresa's Date (3/22/1979)
  7. The House Guests (3/29/1979)
  8. The Opportunity (4/12/1979)
  9. Joyce's Job (4/19/1979)
  10. The First Fight (4/26/1979)
  11. Angie's Good Deed (5/10/1979)
  12. The Check Up (5/17/1979)
Angie - Season 2
  1. Angie's Old Friends (9/11/1979)
  2. The First Separation (9/18/1979)
  3. Moving Day (9/25/1979)
  4. Marie's Crush (10/2/1979)
  5. The Gift (10/22/1979)
  6. The Thief (10/29/1979)
  7. Vinnie's Return (11/5/1979)
  8. Uncle Cheech (11/12/1979)
  9. Family Feud (11/19/1979)
  10. Harvey's Mother (11/26/1979)
  11. Mary, Mary, Marries (12/3/1979)
  12. The Gambler (12/10/1979)
  13. Coffee Wars (12/17/1979)
  14. Angie and Brad's Close Encounter (1/14/1980)
  15. Beauty Parlor (1/21/1980)
  16. Theresa's Gigolo (2/4/1980)
  17. Marie Moves Out (2/11/1980)
  18. Brad's Best Buddy (2/18/1980)
  19. The President's Coming, the President's Coming (2/25/1980)
  20. February Fever (4/19/1980)
  21. The Kid Down the Block (7/31/1980)
  22. Friends in Need (8/7/1980)
  23. Angie and the Doctor (8/28/1980)
  24. Angie and Joyce Go to Jail (10/2/1980)

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