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Anger Management TV Show

Anger Management TV Show

Series Description


The Anger Management TV show is a 30 minute comedy series on FX starring Charlie Sheen in his first TV series after being terminated from his hit show, "Two and a Half Men". Sheen plays a former professional baseball player who becomes a therapist named Charlie Goodson who has a unique way of dealing with his patients. Along with balancing his career with his complicated relationships with family and friends, Goodson struggles to manage his own anger issues.

Anger Management Cast

Charlie Sheen ................... Charlie Goodson
Selma Blair ..................... Kate
Shawnee Smith ................... Jennifer Goodson
Michael Arden ................... Patrick
Daniela Bobadilla ............... Emma Goodson
Derek Richardson ................ Jack Nolan
Noureen DeWulf .................. Lacey

Anger Management Trivia

This TV show is based on the hit 2003 movie also titled, "Anger Management". Charlie Sheen has a real challenge ahead of him in recreating the lead role that Jack Nicholson portrayed in that film.

FX announced that they had ordered ten episodes of Anger Management on October 27, 2011. They went on to say that they would order another 90 episodes if the ratings for the first ten were acceptable making the series eligible for future re-run syndication. Their plan is to shoot the additional 90 episodes in just two years!

Charlie Sheen's ex-wife, "Denise Richards" has agreed to make a guest appearance on Anger Management. Richards also guest-starred on three episodes of Sheen's series, "Two and a Half Men" and competed on "Dancing With The Stars" in the Spring of 2009 along with her numerous other acting credits on television and in movies. Brian Austin Green ("Beverly Hills 90210") has also signed up to guest star on Anger Management. Brian made a lot of guys very jealous in June of 2010 when he married actress Megan Fox ("Hope and Faith" and the "Transformer" movies).

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Anger Management - The First Season

  1. Charlie Goes Back to Therapy (6/28/2012)
  2. Charlie and the Slumpbuster (6/28/2012)
  3. Charlie Tries Sleep Deprivation (7/5/2012)
  4. Charlie and Katie Battle Over a Patient (7/12/2012)
  5. Charlie Tries to Prove Therapy is Legit (7/19/2012)
  6. Charlie Dates Kate's Patient (7/26/2012)
  7. Charlie's Patient Gets Out of Jail (8/2/2012)
  8. Charlie Outs A Patient (8/9/2012)
  9. Charlie's Dad Visits (8/16/2012)
  10. Charlie Gets Romantic (8/23/2012)

Anger Management - The Second Season

  1. Charlie Loses it at a Baby Shower (1/17/2013)
  2. Charlie's Dad Starts to Lose It (1/17/2013)
  3. Charlie and the Ex-Patient (1/24/2013)
  4. Charlie's Dad Breaks Bad (1/31/2013)
  5. Charlie & Jen Together Again (2/7/2013)
  6. Charlie And Deception Therapy (2/14/2013)
  7. Charlie Dates a Teacher (2/21/2013)
  8. Charlie and Cee Lo (2/28/2013)
  9. Charlie is an Expert Witness (3/7/2013)
  10. Charlie & Catholicism (3/14/2013)
  11. Charlie Dates Crazy, Sexy, Angry (4/4/2013)
  12. Charlie Gets Lindsay Lohan Into Trouble (4/11/2013)
  13. Charlie and the Break Up Coach (4/18/2013)
  14. Charlie and Lacey Piss Off the Neighborhood (4/18/2013)
  15. Charlie and Kate Horse Around (4/18/2013)
  16. Charlie's Patients Hook Up (4/25/2013)
  17. Charlie and Kate's Dirty Pictures (5/2/2013)
  18. Charlie Lets Kate Take Charge (5/9/2013)
  19. Charlie and the Break Up Coach (5/16/2013)
  20. Charlie, Kate and Jen Get Romantic (5/23/2013)
  21. Charlie Breaks Up With Kate (5/30/2013)
  22. Charlie and his New Therapist (Special) (6/3/2013)
  23. Charlie and Kate Start a Sex Study (6/6/2013)
  24. Charlie and The Secret Gigolo (Special) (6/10/2013)
  25. Charlie and His New Friend with Benefits (6/13/2013)
  26. Charlie and the Airport Sext (6/20/2013)
  27. Charlie and the Hot Nerd (6/27/2013)
  28. Charlie Dates a Serial Killer's Sister (7/11/2013)
  29. Charlie and the Cheating Patient (7/18/2013)
  30. Charlie and the Hit and Run (7/25/2013)
  31. Charlie and the Virgin (8/1/2013)
  32. Charlie Kills His Ex's Sex Life (8/8/2013)
  33. Charlie and the Prison Riot (8/15/2013)
  34. Charlie and Kate Do It For Money (9/5/2013)
  35. Charlie and the Sting (9/12/2013)
  36. Charlie Gets The Party Started (9/19/2013)
  37. Charlie and the Grad Student (9/26/2013)
  38. Charlie's New Sex Study Partner (10/3/2013)
  39. Charlie and the Sex Addict (10/10/2013)
  40. Charlie and the Hooker (10/24/2013)
  41. Charlie and the Devil (10/31/2013)
  42. Charlie and Sean and the Battle of the Exes (11/7/2013)
  43. Charlie Helps Lacey Stay Rich (11/14/2013)
  44. Charlie Loses His Virginity Again (11/21/2013)
  45. Charlie Does It for Science (12/5/2013)
  46. Charlie Sets Jordan Up With A Serial Killer (12/12/2013)
  47. Charlie and the Christmas Hooker (12/19/2013)
  48. Charlie and the Pajama Intervention (1/23/2014)
  49. Charlie Sets Jordan Up With A Serial Killer (1/30/2014)
  50. Charlie and the Twins (2/6/2014)
  51. Charlie and Sean Fight Over a Girl (2/27/2014)
  52. Charlie and The Last Temptation of Eugenio (3/6/2014)
  53. Charlie and The Hot Latina (3/13/2014)
  54. Charlie and His Probation Officer's Daughter (3/20/2014)
  55. Charlie Gets Date Rated (3/27/2014)
  56. Charlie and Jordan Go to Prison (4/3/2014)
  57. Charlie and the Re-Virginized Hooker (4/10/2014)
  58. Charlie Catches Jordan in the Act (4/17/2014)
  59. Charlie Spends the Night with Lacey (4/24/2014)
  60. Charlie Screws a Prisoners Girlfriend (5/1/2014)
  61. Charlie and the Houseful of Hookers (5/1/2014)
  62. Charlie, Lacey and the Dangerous Plumber (5/1/2014)
  63. Charlie Cops a Feel (5/8/2014)
  64. Charlie, Lacey and the Dangerous Plumber (5/15/2014)
  65. Charlie and the Mother of All Sessions (5/29/2014)

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