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The American Guns TV show was a 60 minute reality series on the Discovery Channel about the Wyatt family who did just about everything involving guns. They made them, they bought and sold them, they customized them and they taught others how to use them.

American Guns Cast

Rich Wyatt
Renee Wyatt
Paige Wyatt
Kurt Wyatt

American Guns Trivia

The business that the Wyatt's own is called, "Gunsmoke Guns" and is located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Sons of Anarchy Theme Song Lyrics

Title: "Tallahassee"

Performed By: "Swamp Cabbage"

The Earth can shake
The sky come down
The mountains all
Fall to the ground

But I will fear
None of these things
Oh Shelter me Lord
Underneath your wings

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

American Guns - Season 1

  1. Family Arms (10/10/2011)
  2. Guts and Glory (10/17/2011)
  3. Hand Cannon/Pink Pistol (10/24/2011)
  4. Wounded Vet Rifle/60s Icons (10/31/2011)
  5. Volleygun/Civil War Trade (11/7/2011)
  6. Diamond Anniversary 1911/Shotgun Willy (11/14/2011)
  7. Cannon Balls/Olympic Dream Ruger (11/21/2011)
  8. Hell's Angels Luger/D Day M1 Garand (11/28/2011)
  9. Winchester Yellow Boy/Firefighter Thank You (12/12/2011)
  10. Custom Barrett/Colt Walker (12/19/2011)
American Guns - Season 2
  1. Punt Gun/Black Hawk Down 1911 (4/25/2012)
  2. Zombie Gun/Rocket Launcher (5/2/2012)
  3. Avalanche Gun/AR10 Grenade Launcher (5/9/2012)
  4. Axe Mortar Gun/Trapdoor Springfield Surprise (5/16/2012)
  5. Nock Gun/Reptile Rifle (6/6/2012)
  6. Young Cowboy Action Shooter's Winchester (6/13/2012)
  7. Tommy Gun/20 Pound 50 Cal (6/20/2012)
  8. Double Barrel Cannon/His and Hers Revolvers (6/27/2012)
  9. Lapua Sniper Rifle/Machine Gun Cache (7/11/2012)
  10. Helicopter Machine Gun/BMX Challenge (7/18/2012)
  11. Motorcycle Shotgun (7/25/2012)
  12. Bull Rider Gun/Texas Ranger Cache (8/1/2012)
  13. Winchester Truck Gun/Ducks Guns (8/8/2012)
  14. Wyatt Earp Buntine Speicial/S&W Pitch (8/22/2012)
  15. Howdah Pistol/Superbowl Champ Rifle (8/29/2012)
  16. Sturgis S&W/1898 Krag-Jorgensen (9/5/2012)

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