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American Girls

American Girls Cast
Series Description

American Girls was a 60 minute drama series on CBS about two pretty, young, female TV reporters who travelled across the United States reporting the news from a fully equiped mobile transmitting van. Oh yeah ... they also spent a lot of their time solving crimes.

American Girls Cast

Priscilla Barnes ............ Rebecca Tomkins
Debra Clinger ............... Amy Waddell
David Spielberg ............. Francis X. Casey
William Prince .............. Jason Cook

The American Girls Trivia

There were five episodes of American Girls that were produced but did not air due to early cancellation of the series. Their titles were: "The Reluctant Candidate", "The Big Body Heist", "The Hundred Thousand Dollar Man", "An Autobiography", and "Little Girl Lost".

Rebecca and Amy worked for a newsmagazine show similar to "60 minutes" that was titled, "The American Report".

Rebecca was the older of the two American Girls and street-wise because she was from a large city. Amy was younger, recently graduated from college, naive, and from a small town. Francis Casey was the producer of "The American Report". Although he was located in New York City, he often helped the girls get out of dangerous circumstances. Jason Cook was the anchorman for "The American Report".

While American Girls only lasted for six episodes, Priscilla Barnes soon found herself on the immensely popular series, "Three's Company" in her role as "Nurse Terri Alden". Actually, the role probably wasn't totally satisfying for Priscilla at first. She was replacing actress Suzanne Somers who had become a TV goddess and Diva in her role as the super-sexy "Chrissy Snow". Suzanne was fired from Three's Company after she asked for what the network considered a ridiculous pay increase during contract negotiations. Fans did love Chrissy though and it was probably very difficult at first for Pricilla to fill Suzanne's shoes. Eventually her performance became an integral part of the series and she was accepted by the fans.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

American Girls' First and Only Season

  1. The canceled Czech (9/23/1978)
  2. The Beautiful People Jungle (9/30/1978)
  3. The Haunting of Chatham Bay (10/7/1978)
  4. Firefly (10/14/1978)
  5. A Crash Course in Survival (10/21/1978)
  6. The Phoenix Connection (11/11/1978)

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