American Embassy

American Embassy
Series Description

The American Embassy TV show was a 60 minute dramatic comedy series on the FOX Network about a young, single female who leaves her home and quirky family in Toledo, Ohio to take a job as vice consul in the U.S. Embassy in London, England. She did her best to get along with her demanding boss and her co-workers as "the new kid on the block".

American Embassy Cast

Arija Bareikis .... Emma Brody
David Cubitt .... Doug Roach
Jonathan Cake .... Jack Wellington
Jonathan Adams .... Elque Polk
Nicholas Irons .... James Wellington
Davenia McFadden .... Carmen Jones
Michael Cerveris .... Gary Forbush
Helen Carey .... Janet Westerman
Reiko Aylesworth .... Liz Shoop

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

American Embassy - The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (3/11/2002)
  2. China Cup (3/18/2002)
  3. Driven (3/25/2002)
  4. Long Live the King (4/1/2002)
  5. Walking on the Moon (4/8/2002)
  6. Agent Provocateur (4/8/2002)

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