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Amazon TV Series

Amazon TV Series Cast
Series Description

The Amazon TV series was a 60 minute adventure action show that aired in syndication. It was about an airliner that crashed in the Amazon jungle. Only 6 of the passengers lived through the crash and thereafter, they struggled to survive headhunters, vicious wild animals, poisonous plants and extreme weather conditions.

Amazon TV Series Cast

C. Thomas Howell .......... Alex Kennedy
Carol Alt ................. Karen Oldham
Chris Martin .............. Jimmy Stack
Fabiana Udenio ............ Pia Claire
Tyler Hynes ............... Will Bauer
Rob Stewart ............... Andrew Talbott

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Amazon TV Series' First And Only Season

  1. Fallen Angels (9/26/1999)
  2. Nightfall (10/3/1999)
  3. Suffer The Little Children (10/10/1999)
  4. The Fierce Ones (10/17/1999)
  5. The Chosen (10/24/1999)
  6. The End Of The World (10/31/1999)
  7. The Lost Words (11/7/1999)
  8. Resurrection (11/14/1999)
  9. The Blood Angel (11/21/1999)
  10. War (11/28/1999)
  11. Eyes In The Dark (1/23/2000)
  12. The First Stone (1/30/2000)
  13. The Devil's Army (2/6/2000)
  14. The Finding (2/13/2000)
  15. Escape (2/20/2000)
  16. Home (2/27/2000)
  17. The Pale Horseman (4/16/2000)
  18. The White Witch (4/23/2000)
  19. Circle Of Fire (4/30/2000)
  20. Babel (5/7/2000)
  21. Wild Child (5/14/2000)
  22. A Bible And A Gun (5/21/2000)

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