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Ally TV Show

Ally Cast

Series Description

The Ally TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on the Fox network. It was simply episodes of the Ally McBeal TV show with the courtroom segments removed and some scenes added that were not originally shown on Ally McBeal.

Ally Cast

Calista Flockhart ............. Ally McBeal
Greg Germann .................. Richard Fish
Gil Bellows ................... Billy Alan Thomas
Lisa Nicole Carson ............ Renee Radick
Courtney Thorne-Smith ......... Georgia Thomas
Jane Krakowski ................ Elaine Vassal

Ally Trivia


There were two episodes of the Ally TV show that were produced but not broadcast. Their titles were: "Those Lips, That Hand" and "Happy Birthday".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Ally - The First And Only Season

  1. Once In A Lifetime (9/28/1999)
  2. The Promise (10/5/1999)
  3. One Hundred Tears Away (10/12/1999)
  4. Drawing The Lines (10/19/1999)
  5. The Attitude (10/26/1999)
  6. The Dirty Joke (11/2/1999)
  7. Cro-Magnon (11/9/1999)
  8. Fool's Night Out (11/16/1999)
  9. Boy To The World (12/14/1999)
  10. The Blame Game (12/28/1999)

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