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Alright Already

Alright Already Cast
Series Description

Alright Already was a 30 minute comedy series on the WB Network about a smart, single lady optometrist who dealt with the business challenges of her own practice in Miami, Florida while also trying to cope with her somewhat crazy parents, friends and with her romantic relationships.

Alright Already Cast

Carol Leifer ........... Carol Lerner
Amy Yasbeck ............ Renee
Stacy Galina ........... Jessica
Jerry Adler ............ Al
Mitzi McCall ........... Miriam
Maury Sterling ......... Vaughn
Jeff Grigs ............. Dan Franklin

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Alright Already - The First And Only Season

  1. The Baby (9/7/1997)
  2. Jury Duty (9/14/1997)
  3. The Black Box (9/21/1997)
  4. The Pilot (9/28/1997)
  5. The Laser Surgery (10/5/1997)
  6. The Mah Jongg (10/12/1997)
  7. The Lobbyist (10/26/1997)
  8. The Porno Video (11/2/1997)
  9. Jessica's Boyfriend (11/9/1997)
  10. The Sponge Cake (11/16/1997)
  11. The Funeral (11/23/1997)
  12. The Sexual Harrassment (12/14/1997)
  13. The Billionaire (1/11/1998)
  14. The Satellite Dish (1/18/1998)
  15. The Hockey Player - Part 1 (2/1/1998)
  16. The Hockey Player - Part 2 (2/8/1998)
  17. The Astronaut (2/15/1998)
  18. The Gynecologist (2/22/1998)
  19. The Answering Machine (3/1/1998)
  20. Cousin Gary (3/29/1998)
  21. The Photos (4/27/1998)
  22. The White House (5/4/1998)

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