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Allen Gregory was a 30 minute animated comedy series that premiered on October 30, 2011 on FOX. It was about a seven-year-old genius who was forced to attend the regular kids elementary school when his father's life partner Jeremy decided he no longer wanted to be a stay-at-home "dad".

Allen Gregory Characters


Jonah Hill .... Allen Gregory De Longpre
French Stewart .... Richard De Longpre
Joy Osmanski .... Julie De Longpre
Cristina Pucelli .... Patrick Vanderweel
Will Forte .... Superintendent Stewart Rossmyre
Nat Faxon .... Jeremy

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Allen Gregory - The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (10/30/2011)
  2. 1 Night in Gottlieb (11/6/2011)
  3. Gay School Dance (11/13/2011)
  4. Interracial McAdams (11/20/2011)
  5. Full Blown Maids (11/27/2011)
  6. Mom Sizemore (12/4/2011)
  7. Van Moon Rising (12/18/2011)

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