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All-American Girl TV Show

All-American Girl Cast
Series Description

The All-American Girl TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about a Korean-American mother (Katherine) and daughter (Margaret) who had vastly different ideas about what direction the daughter's life should take! Katherine was by no means Americanized and wanted Margaret to marry some nice Korean boy and be the traditional submissive wife. Margaret, on the other hand, preferred to date white bad boys! Margaret's father, Benny, just stayed out of the way when his wife and daughter went at each other!

All-American Girl Cast

Margaret Cho ............. Margaret Kim
Jodi Long ................ Katherine Kim
Clyde Kusatsu ............ Benny Kim
Ashley Johnson ........... Casey Emmerson
B.D. Wong ................ Stuart Kim
J.B. Quon ................ Eric Kim
Amy Hill ................. Grandmother Kim
Maddie Corman ............ Ruthie
Judy Gold ................ Gloria

All-American Girl Trivia

The Kims owned a bookstore named, "Kim's Books".

Margaret worked in the cosmetics section of a department store.

The All-American Girl TV show was set in San Francisco, California.

Surprisingly, Grandma Kim was not stuck in Korean tradition! She typically sided with Margaret's right to live her life as she saw fit.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

All American Girl - The First And Only Season

  1. Mom, Dad, This is Kyle (9/14/1994)
  2. Submission: Impossible (9/21/1994)
  3. Who's the Boss? (9/28/1994)
  4. Yung At Heart (10/5/1994)
  5. Redesigning Women (10/12/1994)
  6. Booktopus (10/19/1994)
  7. Mommie Nearest (10/26/1994)
  8. Take My Family, Please (11/2/1994)
  9. Exile On Market Street (11/16/1994)
  10. Ratting On Ruthie (11/23/1994)
  11. Educating Margaret (11/30/1994)
  12. Loveless in San Francisco (12/7/1994)
  13. Malpractice Makes Perfect (12/14/1994)
  14. The Apartment (1/11/1995)
  15. Notes from the Underground (1/18/1995)
  16. Venus de Margaret (1/25/1995)
  17. A Night at the Oprah (2/14/1995)
  18. Pulp Sitcom (2/22/1995)
  19. Young Americans (3/15/1995)

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