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All About Us

All About Us Cast
Series Description

The All About Us TV show was a 30 minute dramatic comedy series on NBC about four teeange girls who came from extremely diverse backgrounds and had extremely distinctive personalities but were best friends anyway.

All About Us Cast

Alecia Elliott .......... Alecia Alcott
Alicia Lagano ............ Cristina Castelli
Crystal Grant ............ Sierra Jennings
Marieh Delfino .......... Niki Merrick
Eddie Matos .............. Steven Castelli
Mark Correy .............. Barista

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

All About Us - The First And Only Season

  1. Truth Or Dare (8/4/2001)
  2. The Grass Is Always Pinker (8/11/2001)
  3. Flawed Logic (8/18/2001)
  4. Sweet Little Lies (8/25/2001)
  5. No Questions Asked (9/1/2001)
  6. Sierra Meets Her Match (9/22/2001)
  7. No Means No (9/29/2001)
  8. First Snow (10/6/2001)
  9. Basic Black (10/13/2001)
  10. The Scare (10/20/2001)
  11. Behind The Music (10/27/2001)
  12. The Making Of (11/3/2001)
  13. New Girl In Town (11/10/2001)

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