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Alaska: the Last Frontier TV Show

Alaska: the Last Frontier

Series Description


The Alaska: the Last Frontier TV show is a 60 minute reality series on the Discovery Channel about the Kilcher family who live a pioneer lifestyle without indoor plumbing or modern heating in the wilds of Alaska. They hunt and grow their own food, raise cattle and other animals, fish and protect themselves and their animals from harsh winters and dangerous predators.

Alaska: the Last Frontier Cast

Atz Kilcher
Bonnie Kilcher
Charlotte Kilcher
Eivin Kilcher
Eve Kilcher
Jane Kilcher
Otto Kilcher

Alaska: the Last Frontier Trivia

While you may have never seen Alaska: The Last Frontier, you probably have heard of one of the Kilcers. Atz Kilcher's daughter is the singer named "Jewel". Other show business Kilchers include Q'orianka Kilcher, Xihuaru Kilcher and Kainoa Kilcher.

The Kilcher's property is near Homer, Alaska. Most of the show takes place on the property and out in the surrounding wilds but the production crew is based in Homer.

The landscape on Alaska: The Last Frontier is pretty amazing on a high def television. In 2014 the show was nominated for an Emmy for "Outstanding Cinematography For Reality Programming".

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