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Actors Studio Cast
Actress Jessica Tandy in episode
#1, "Portrait of a Madonna".

Series Description

Actors Studio was a drama/anthology series that aired on ABC for its first season and on CBS for its second and final season. Each episode provided viewers with an exciting story that included screenplay adaptations of classic literature or new stories by writers that were at the top of their fields. Actors Studio was one of the first few series that allowed the "common man" to appreciate fine theatrical performances with top performers that were previously only available in expensive theaters and predominantly in large cities.

Actors Studio Cast

Marc Connelly .... Host

Actors Studio Trivia

The Actors Studio episodes were 30 minutes in length until February of 1950 when the series was extended to one hour in length. At the same time it went from weekly shows to bi-weekly by alternating with episodes of the "Ford Theatre". A month later, in March of 1950, the name of the series was changed to "The Play's the Thing".

Actors Studio was broadcast live!

The series got its name from and was produced by the Actors Studio, Inc. which was a non-profit organization in support of actors and actresses.

Actors Studio was considered a first-rate production by audiences and critics alike. It almost immediately received a Peabody Award for "uninhibited and brilliant pioneering in the field of televised drama"!

Scripts were often adapted from famous novels by renowned writers including James Thurber, Edgar Allen Poe, Irwin Shaw, and others. Many of the world's greatest actors wanted to be a part of Actors Studio! A very young Marlin Brando appeared for the first time on television in a January 1949 episode of Actors Studio!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Portrait of a Madonna (9/26/1948)
  2. Night Club (10/3/1948)
  3. The Giant's Stair (10/10/1948)
  4. The Thousand Dollar Bill (10/17/1948)
  5. The Catbird Seat (10/24/1948)
  6. The Inexperienced Ghost (10/31/1948)
  7. Ropes (11/7/1948)
  8. Esther (11/14/1948)
  9. Good Bye, Miss Lizzie Borden (11/21/1948)
  10. Ten Percent (11/28/1948)
  11. The Night the Ghost Got In (12/5/1948)
  12. The Widow of Wasdale Head (12/12/1948)
  13. The Man Who Lost Christmas (12/19/1948)
  14. To the Lovely Margaret (12/26/1948)
  15. A Day in Town (1/2/1949)
  16. I'm No Hero (1/9/1949)
  17. The Little Wife (1/16/1949)
  18. The Lady on 142 (1/23/1949)
  19. A Trip to Czardis (1/30/1949)
  20. Jim Pemberton and His Boy Trigger (2/6/1949)
  21. Zone of Quiet (2/13/1949)
  22. The Tell-Tale Heart (2/20/1949)
  23. Greasy Luck (2/27/1949)
  24. Joe McSween's Atomic Machine (3/6/1949)
  25. Dead Man (3/13/1949)
  26. Concerning a Woman of Sin (3/24/1949)
  27. Three O'Clock (3/31/1949)
  28. A Reputation (4/7/1949)
  29. I Can't Breathe (4/14/1949)
  30. From Paradise to Butte (4/21/1949)
  31. Here Comes Spring (4/28/1949)
  32. Somebody Has to Be Nobody (5/5/1949)
  33. Salt of the Earth (5/12/1949)
  34. Spreading the News (5/19/1949)
  35. You're Breaking My Heart (5/26/1949)
Season 2
  1. The Canterville Ghost (9/28/1949)
  2. Terror in the Streets (10/5/1949)
  3. It's a Free Country (10/12/1949)
  4. We'll Never Have a Nickel (10/19/1949)
  5. Clarissa (10/26/1949)
  6. The Return to Kansas City (11/1/1949)
  7. O'Halloran's Luck (11/8/1949)
  8. The Frame-Up (11/15/1949)
  9. The Three Strangers (11/22/1949)
  10. The Thousand Dollar Bill (Restaged) (11/29/1949)
  11. The Man with the Heart in the Highlands (12/6/1949)
  12. The Midway (12/13/1949)
  13. A Child Is Born (12/20/1949)
  14. Counry Full of Sweden (12/27/1949)
  15. Hannah (1/3/1950)
  16. An Ingenue of the Sierras (1/10/1950)
  17. The Little Wife (Restaged) (1/17/1950)
  18. The Timid Guy (1/24/1950)
  19. Joe McSween's Atomic Machine (Restaged) (1/31/1950)
  20. Telas, the King (2/3/1950)
  21. Mr. Mummery's Suspicion (2/17/1950)
  22. The Apple Tree (3/3/1950)
  23. The Pink Hussar (3/17/1950)
  24. The Salt of the Earth (3/31/1950)
  25. Sanctuary in Paris (4/14/1950)
  26. Screwball (4/28/1950)
  27. Alison's House (5/12/1950)
  28. The Token (5/26/1950)
  29. The Swan (6/9/1950)
  30. The Good Companions (6/23/1950)

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