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can't figure out name of show
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can't figure out name of show      Sun Jan 21, 2007 3:12 am Reply with quote

I have been trying for hours to find some sort of clue as to what the name of this show is. I don't think it was on very long, or very popular at that, but i remember it was on around the time that kids incorporated and (if anyone remembers) the mickey mouse mousercise in the morning. here is what i know (or THINK i remember) about the show:

it mainly focused on a kid and his robot friend (who actually LOOKED like a robot -not like a person like in small wonder) and i beleive it mainly took place in the kids bedroom (or it may have been a basement?)

i dont really remember what the show was ABOUT, but i just remember the boy and his robot and for the life of me can;t find anything that would ring a bell! HELP!! Smile
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Name of a TV Show      Sun Jan 21, 2007 10:08 am Reply with quote

It sounds to me like you're talking about "Wake, Rattle & Roll". It aired in syndication from September 17, 1990 to June 1, 1991 in syndication and then moved to the Disney Channel where it was retitled "Jump, Rattle & Roll". I think the Disney Channel simply re-ran the old episodes but they may have made additional ones ... I'm not positive about that.

It was about a kid named "Sam", who had his own hangout in the basement. His friend named "Decks" was a robot, another named "KC" and an older sister named Debbie who was alway bugging him about something.
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