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CRIME STORY - A LOST EPIDOSE ?      Wed Sep 06, 2006 11:20 pm Reply with quote

American Life network began running the Crime Story series a few weeks ago. It's a very cool period piece set in about the late-50's (great soundtrack by Al Kooper) about a crime unit vs organized crime, somewhat reminicent of "The Untouchables".

I didn't see the original couple episodes so I've haven't been watching the series religously, just catching episodes here-and-there. ( I hope they run thru it again so I can follow the two full seasons ... altho your CS page says it was left in cliff-hanger ..... I hate it when that happens ! )

Anyway, I see this Friday they're having a mini-marathon of 6 episodes ... but something confuses me.

The episodes that will run from 9PM thru 1AM match the series play list, starting with "Ground Zero (Ep. # 20) thru "Atomic Fallout" (Ep. # 24). However, the first episode of the block, to air at 8 PM, is titled "The King in a Cage". Not only is that episode NOT the expected # 19 ( "Top of the World") per the list, that title is nowhere to be found on the list for the entire two season run !

Can you explain ?
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Crime Story Alternate Titles      Thu Sep 07, 2006 8:42 am Reply with quote

Sometimes series have episodes where the original title was changed for some reason either before the were broadcast or when the series goes into syndication. The title used by the station running the repeats can vary on those depending on from where they got their information.

"The King in a Cage" is episode #19 (listed on our page as "Top of the World").

We've updated our Crime Story Page to reflect the three episode titles that have alternates.

Be aware that if you've been to the page recently, you may need to "refresh" the page to get your browser to load the new version.

Thanks for the great post!
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