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Same Sex Marriage Pros and Cons
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Same Sex Marriage Pros and Cons      Wed Apr 21, 2010 10:02 am Reply with quote

We definitely need some more HOT topics at this forum so let me start a few Exclamation

I want to hear some same sex marriage pros and cons Exclamation

I personally think that in keeping with our general belief in freedom and equality, same sex marriage should be allowed.

I'll start by naming a few of the main arguments against it and then my response:

1. Same sex marriage is in direct violation to most religions' beliefs.

So what Exclamation Are we a religiously ruled nation? Hell no we're not Exclamation Religious beliefs are something to be self-applied, not applied to others Exclamation

2. Same sex marriage would dilute (weaken) the respect for and the sanctity of straight marriages.

I don't personally see myself respecting my marriage or anyone else's marriage any less just because two guys or two women have the same rights. Do you respect your freedom any less because their are no slaves Question Do you guys respect your right to vote any less because women have the same rights Question I think that saying a marriage would be diminished under those circumstances also says that the marriage wasn't that strong in the first place Exclamation Actually, it just shows that this entire reasoning is just another form of prejudice.

3. A gay lifestyle is known to be bad for ones physical and psychological health. It also alienates friends, family, and co-workers.

Do you drink alcohol Question Are you obese Question Do you have tatoos or piercings Question Maybe we should also make booze, red meat, and belly button rings illegal Exclamation

4. Marriage is a legal concept. It is meant to promote family solidarity and to facilitate procreation.

Again, slavery was once a legal concept too but we got rid of that. There was once a time when citizens had no right to see an attorney before police questioning or the right to a trial by their peers but we added those rights. Gay people might want to have solid families too don't you think Question And I, for one, don't plan to stop having sex or go childless because of gay marriage Exclamation Rolling Eyes

Enough from me! Let's hear some more pros and cons for gay marriage Exclamation
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