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Popular      Sat May 20, 2006 11:32 am Reply with quote

Welcome to the Popular forum at!

Feel free to simply read what others have said about Popular or use the "Post Message" buttons to leave a message of your own. Use the links to the right of the "post message" buttons to find another topic of interest to you, or click on the "Search" link at the top of any page!

If you would like to read more information about Popular, you can find our web page about that show at:

Thanks for visiting!

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josh ford      Wed May 31, 2006 2:24 pm Reply with quote

I think you should make josh and brooke date again and make sugar and carmen go out that is a fat couple and oh and make josh not such a cry baby and you should make popular be funner like brooke and josh start dating and they go shopping together and carmen says why dont you go out with me any more and brooke says carm just leave us be and dont try to start drama.But really make josh and brooke date again and also make the t.v. show longer and make brooke and lily enemies and also make a knew character like jesse mccartney and brooke cheats on josh and josh doesn't even know Very Happy

Re: Popular      Mon Jun 26, 2006 11:37 am Reply with quote

i think harrison is the best.dont u think so?

hi      Wed Jul 05, 2006 12:07 am Reply with quote

aaaaaaaaa i am so in love with nicole ana broke and josh i meery cherry

i liked them and i hate sam and lily ana karmn :SS:

love when nicole imbares lily and kamrn

love when meery sayid 2 lily hey small lily

i wanna be like josh ana broke and nicole ana meery cherry
love broke

      Wed Jul 05, 2006 12:09 am Reply with quote

can i get borke's ( with E ) :p:p e-mail plzZzZz Very HappyVery Happy

so in love with her or merry cherry e-mail Very Happy

More drama      Sat Jul 08, 2006 9:40 am Reply with quote

Hi! I'm so in love with Brooke and Sam. I think they are the best. And Carmen and Lily are wonderful characters. Josh and Harrison are super cute. But I would like Harrison and Sam to go out in order for them to spice up the drama 'cause leaving Harrison to be dateless is not cool. And please put more scenes in the end, the end is too short. And make Josh more manly and make him go out with Lily so that Brooke will hate Lily for doing that and try to win Josh back.
i love Popular!

      Wed Jul 12, 2006 8:22 pm Reply with quote

I love Popular! this show is the best! i watch it every night! i think Sam and Herisan should go out too! Herisan is soo sweet!!!! Very Happy
i love this show and it should never end! Very Happy

popular      Mon Jul 17, 2006 3:52 pm Reply with quote

too bad popular already ended years ago...its gay, and i think that it should come back. its the best show ever

      Fri Sep 01, 2006 12:54 am Reply with quote

I think that popular shouldnt have stop when brooke got hit by the car i think that sam should get harrison and brooke should have jamie again or find another man that is so cute...Josh and lily make such a great couple!!!!Its to bad that it ended b/c i still watch it over and over again every moday thur to thursday??

mhm.      Sat Sep 02, 2006 3:10 pm Reply with quote

Gawr. i wish they never ended popular. But i guess if you have watched every episode it kind of reminds you of when Sam and Brook were still trying to stop the wedding and they had dreams of hitting each other with a car. I love watching it everyday and all but i wish they would make new episodes and start it up again. I like the idea of Sam and Harrison together but i did also like it when her and George were together. Man oh man i really want to know what happens to Brook and Nicole. MAKE MORE EPISODES use the same charactors tho adding someone gay like Jesse McCartney or Sarah Paxton would be SO dumb. Plus i like watching my cousin on TV... teehee just to let yeah know Carley Pope is my cousin... yeah.

      Tue Sep 12, 2006 11:01 pm Reply with quote

Why they decided to cancel Popular i'll never know. It is one of the best shows i've ever watched. It really appeals to the teenage audiences and all other age groups as well. The issues that they bring up in the episodes are realistic and could happen to anyone. I loved all the characters, they all seemed so real and believeable to me. I don't have a fave character cuz they all represent a different part of me and my group of friends. I've been trying to get more people to watch the show and give it more ratings, and i've found many many people who remember the show and after i told them it was still on, they've been watching it again. i can't wait till i save enough money to go out and buy the dvd collection of the series, it really is hard to believe that there was only two seasons, but then again all of the good stuff gets cancelled after awhile. So anyways, thanks for reading my mini not so rant and enjoy the wonderfulness of watching Popular.

      Sat Sep 23, 2006 10:31 pm Reply with quote

OMFG....I LOVE HARRISON...I THINK HE IS SSOOO CUTE....omg i wish they would get back together and at least do another episode...i love popular and i watch the re-runs all the time....btw did i mention that HArrisoon is goergeous Very Happy

The Theme Songs      Wed Oct 04, 2006 2:25 am Reply with quote

HEYY I LOVE POPULAR! It's like the best teen drama EVER! But I wish they still aired it. >=P Anyways, does anyone know what the song is called when they lay the credits, I want that song so badly. THANKS <3
Site Admin
Site Admin

Joined: 05 Aug 2005
Posts: 1156

Popular TV Show Theme Songs      Wed Oct 04, 2006 9:57 am Reply with quote

Here's what I was able to find:

Opening Popular Theme Song:
"Supermodels" by Kendall Payne

Closing Popular Theme Song:
"High School Highway" by Sydney Forest

I hope that information is correct!

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Popular      Wed Oct 04, 2006 5:12 pm Reply with quote

Hi,, well i just started watching Popular in the summer and I LOVE it! Its like the best show EVER! But i have a question.. I was watching the show and then I watched the show the nest next day and it went like all the way back to the very beging. Are they playing the old season over again while they make a new season up or something? Because im a bit confused, thanks Smile
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