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Looking for a name
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Looking for a name      Mon Sep 10, 2007 10:34 pm Reply with quote

Question Question Question Ok I was sitting around the house the other night when i started to think about old programs i used to watch and had two for which i had been racking my brain trying to figure them out. One problem is that they were things i watched back in the mid eighties and i have since then done many things that kill brain cells anyhow I finally found one of the called the "letter people" look it up on google videos wow brings back some memories but the one i am still having a problem with and i may be mixing two or more up in this but what i can remember about what the plot was is there was a group of people in a post apocyliptic world running around looking for either a lost library or lost books and they were going against people who were i think wanting the books to burn or something like that. anything ring a bell to anyone? I watched it back in i want to say 4-5 grade In goose creek SC and it was something we watched in class back when tv's in the classroom was just getting its start. Oh and one more thing I remember it was on a video tape that we watched it on so not really sure if it was an 80's or 70's thing thanks all for any help you can give me Question Question Question
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Sounds just like...      Mon Feb 18, 2008 11:46 pm Reply with quote

This sounds just like the plot for the book Farenheit 451. There was a movie for this that we watched when I was in high school circa 99 but it was an old movie probably from the early to mid eighties or even as old as the late 70's.
check out the IMDB page on this, im almost certain it's what you're looking for. I kinda want to see it again now that you've reminded me of it...great story, but I dont remember how the film version faired.
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