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Hercules Legendary Journeys
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Hercules Legendary Journeys      Thu Feb 09, 2006 9:33 pm Reply with quote

Do you think we should get Hercules the legendary Journeys and xena warrior princess back on air

Be patient.      Sun Feb 19, 2006 4:44 pm Reply with quote

Hey Conan Smile Don't worry,one day soon these two shows will show up someplace on TV reruns again.

When TV shows end,it's not just that the actors and studio want to move on,it also just means the series has run it's course. I recall just a few years ago you heard talk about Xena everywhere. Now of course,it's not in the front of most folks minds because there's other things to watch.

For a few years you'll hear nearly nothing about it and then one day,it'll show up again. Same as my favorites from the '70s showed up on Nick@Nite and TV Land,Xena and Hercules wil rise again someday. Most likely when there's a '90s retro-movement. (Personally,I'll be hiding the day that happens,I'm a '70s kid and an '80s teen,so I've already been through those and the '90s. Rolling Eyes

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you though. Wink

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      Tue Jan 08, 2008 11:58 pm Reply with quote

Xena is currently running on the Oxygen network. I haven't seen Hercules in syndication anywhere for quite a while. I have heard rumors of a Xena movie, but that's just it, rumors. Since they killed Xena off in the final episode it may be difficult to bring her back, but they've done that before. The biggest problem is the character of Ares. He was played by Kevin Smith who died in February of '02 from a fall on the set of a movie. IF they can find the right actor to replace him, a movie or new series could be done. But since he figured prominently in both Hercules and Xena, it would be hard to do either a movie or a new series without that character.

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      Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:00 am Reply with quote

I really miss Xena and Hercules, I'd love to watch the whole series again Smile
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