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Full House
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FULL HOUSE      Sat Jan 19, 2008 11:12 am Reply with quote

i REALLY liked this show. i WAS glued to the tv set when it came on. my favorite character on the show had to be JESSE (THE ELVIS LOVING UNCLE). My favorite episode of FULL HOUSE (THE 1 THAT MADE ME LAUGH THE HARDEST)would have to be the 1 where JOEY AND JESSE were in the kitchen and they were trying to change MICHELLE'S DIAPER, and they had MICHELLE over @ the sink and JOEY tried to clean her off and kept missing her bottom with the sprayer and STEPHANIE comes in and asks what their doing and JOEY AND JESSE say that they're trying to change MICHELLE'S diaper and STEPHANIE says:"NEXT TIME TRY THESE (AS IN THE BABY WIPES). I laughed and laughed so hard that i had tears coming out of my eyes and my sides hurt 4 a week staight
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      Fri Apr 04, 2008 2:40 pm Reply with quote

bob sagets perverted sense of humor is the best thing to come from full house other than the olsen twins
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John Stamos as Uncle Jesse, Elvis fan      Tue Apr 20, 2010 8:00 am Reply with quote

I have to add my vote for Uncle Jesse!

John Stamos was great in that role and I am also an Elvis fan!

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Junior Novice Member

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Re: full house tv show      Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:27 am Reply with quote

[quote="chrurch"]steaph, why are you a methhead : :( :( :( :( :([/quote]

Let me see if I can give this one a crack. She was a very talented actress, I mean, come on, she didn't even have to try out. She was also one of the cutest child stars there ever were, yet very few noticed. They did focus a lot of attention on her in the early seasons which made her the only reason to watch the show. Every little girl in the world could only dream of having clothes and hair like that. Then, all of the sudden the Olsens learn to talk and the rest of the cast has to be stuck being on a show thats original story was about a single father taking care of his family to it ended up being based on a toddler named Michelle who is taking all the story lines and turning the show into a kiddie show, rather than a family show.
Being that the writers did not focus that there were women all over America hot for John Stamos and overlooking Bob Saget's brilliant talent as Danny, not to mention a real world full of upper elementary school to highschool girls who could have used a couple of pretty role models like Candace and Jodie, and tuning in only to see that in this weeks episode Michelle is pissed because she sent away for a stuffed animal and only got a plastic toy.
I'm sure the staff got used to it after awhile since they were all getting paid, but I'm sure they all were humiliated being in a show where toddlers ran the entire scene.
This sort-of reminds me of a true life story. When there are only two sisters to take care of, everyone gets equal attention. The second that last sister is brought in, the middle child doesn't seem important anymore. There is nothing worse than watching a younger sister live in peace, being taken care of and seeming more loved, never having to worry about pimples, periods, or an awkward Junior High stage or at least not having to worry about it because the show will be off air by the time she has to go through it. There is also nothing worse than watching a glamourous older sister get asked out on dates, applying to college, and carrying around the confidence in herself that you are still waiting for because the whole world is watching you all of the sudden hit puberty, watching you wear the dorkiest, most plain clothes, and not writing very many story lines about you because you are the invisible middle child. I
I don't know about any of you but I would be pissed if I was receiving the cutest clothes and hairstyles, and adding what is real talent to it, only to be thrown off to the side like a has-been half way through the series because I was going through puberty.
I am sure when the show ended, Jodie felt like a 29 year old stripper. She proved herself alright, but nobody wanted to work with her, because they just couldn't shake her child star image. Yes, I am sure she had money to do what she wanted but hanging out with the wrong people just to get attention will get you addicted. Part of it of course, is genetics. However, she no longer had the responsibility of working on a set anymore and probably thought she owed it to herself to have wasted eight years of childhood on a show that wasn't going help a new career, but instead end one.
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Junior Novice Member

Joined: 11 Oct 2011
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Does anyone see a theme in here? Part 1      Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:58 am Reply with quote

Don't get me wrong. I love this show... well up until I ended up wanting to strangle Nikki and Alex... but I noticed I have seen this show before. It was called the Brady Bunch. Hmm... DJ has only one ticket to the Beach Boy show? Who should she bring? Maybe she should have looked back at what Cindy did when she only had one ticket to her school play? Coincidence... could be, but then there is the episode where everybody wants to move. Michelle doesn't so she pulls a few pranks when Danny wants to show the house. Where did I see this before? Oh, yeah, the Brady kids decide to haunt the house when they didn't want to move. Not to mention, Stephanie loses her pal Mr. Bear sorta like Cindy loses her favorite doll. DJ pulls a senior prank only for the Principal to think its hilarious, kinda like the way Greg steals the opposite schools mascot and his principal also thinks its funny. Michelle loses the dog, Bobby loses the dog. Stephanie gets glasses, and OMG! guess what, so did Jan. Jesse moves up to the attic as I recall Greg did the same thing... and Nicky and Alex? Can you say Cousin Oliver but double. Stephanie almost tries smoking, while Greg tries it but decides against it right away. The whole family has talent whether in a telethon, or Star Search. Well, check this out... The Brady's have talent whether its the Brady 6 or the whole family performing acts on talent night. Michelle gets lost at Disneyworld, Bobby and Cindy get lost at the Grand Canyon.... To Be Continued
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Mary-Kate Olsen engaged to a billionaire!      Sun Mar 09, 2014 9:01 am Reply with quote

Mary-Kate Olsen (27) has become engaged to her boyfriend Oliver Sarkozy (44). They have been dating for approximately 2 years and share an apartment in New York. Sarkozy is a billionaire and the younger brother of former French President Nicholas Sarkozy. Mary-Kate's family is reportedly fully supportive of the upcoming nuptials.
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