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The Medium Theme Song      Mon Apr 19, 2010 10:07 am Reply with quote

All I know is that it's one of the most unique theme songs I've ever heard for a tv show, it was composed by Mychael Danna, and it is not titled so it's simply called the Medium theme.
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      Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:36 am Reply with quote

If you are a supernatural buff, who likes stories about the unknown realm, then Medium television series is definitely your cup of tea. I for one loved this particular series and was glued to the TV on the evenings it aired. The Medium television series first aired on the 3rd of Jan in 2005 and since then has run 5 seasons successfully and is to complete the sixth season too. While there is much speculation on the web about the series being cancelled, the network has made no such announcement at the time of this writing while it has announced numerous other cancellations.

This particular television series is based upon the life and work of Allison DuBois, played by Patricia Arquette. It circles around her life and her investigative work that she does as a medium between her two worlds. This particular series also looks at her family life with her three daughters and her husband. The Medium television series starts with Ms. DuBois working for the Phoenix DA’s office when she tells him about a gruesome murder that is about to happen in Texas. Following the actual event, her bosses are convinced to take her seriously and she starts working as a medium. As a medium, she has the gift to communicate with the dead, look at events of the past in her dreams and also the events of the future.

This particular gift of hers is also inherited by her three daughters; the life of a medium with a gift that has been handed down generations. The storylines where her daughters have their first psychic experiences are among some of the best. Should they be happy to have a gift where they can help others or be upset about being burdened with the responsibility at such a young age?

All of the seasons went really well and were intriguing until season 5 when Ms. DuBois was diagnosed with cancer in her brainstem. She invariably postponed her surgery, so that she could help solve a murder case and stop any murders from happening in the future. On completion of her project, she underwent a surgery that ended well but left her comatose. What a way to end a season!

The sixth season began with Allison coming out her coma just to find out that the consequences of delaying the surgery weren’t too good. She was left with a right hand that couldn’t be used and needed to use a support every time she had to walk. All her work came back to normal after four months when her right hand started working again. She resumed work at the DA's office and went about fighting crime. This particular season also had a lot of twists with the lives of her daughters, mostly anguishing over the difficulty with dealing with their "gift".

In 2005 the Medium television series won an Emmy and the BMI TV Music Awards for its amazing theme song. In 2006, it bagged the ASCAP Award and the Golden Reel Award. It also was the proud owner of the best Young Artist Awards in the same year. 2007 brought about one Young artist Awards and 2008 brought about another BMI TV Music Award. From 2005 through 2010, the Medium television series has won a total of seven awards and was nominated for a whopping 23 awards!

If you have missed this series, then 16 episodes of season 1, 22 episodes of season 2 and 3, 16 more episodes for the 4th season and 19 episodes of the 5th are all yours to have on DVD and there's every reason to believe that the entire series will eventually be available for home viewing. It seems likely that this hugely popular series will also be available in rerun, online, and on Dvd for years to come.
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