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Second Hundred Years
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Second Hundred Years      Sun Mar 09, 2008 3:35 am Reply with quote

Does anyone remember a tv movie that was on probably about 30 years ago that from what I remember was about a family (with at least 4 adults) who appeared to be stranded on an island and there were giant animals such as a giant ostrich or something? The most memorable would be the giant bee and honeycombs that were part of the movie....I saw this as a young kid but have never seen it again and don't know the name......

Also, there was an old TV show that was about a man who got frozen in the Ice Age and thawed out later in time and was adjusting to the new world. This was one of those old shows that was on about the same time as My Favorite Martian or a little sooner.
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Does this help any?      Wed May 21, 2008 10:34 am Reply with quote

Was the tv show about the guy 'thawing out' called "The Second hundred Years" starring, I think his name was, Monte Markham? This was a short run series, maybe one season or so and it was on from late 1966 to 1968 if I remember corrrectly. Hope this helps to keep you from going crazy!

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Obscure TV Movies and TV Shows      Wed May 21, 2008 11:17 am Reply with quote

"The Second Hundred Years" aired for 26 episodes during the 1967-68 season. You're correct that it did star Monte Markham as a prospector named Luke Carpenter who became frozen in an Alaskan glacier. He gets thawed out in 1967 and attempts to rebuild his life.

Monte also played the role of his grandson Ken Carpenter (who, of course looked exactly like him). Arthur O'Connell also starred as Luke's son Edwin.

For more information, visit our Second Hundred Years Page!

There were a bunch of movies during the 1960s and 70s about giant insects and other animals. There was one called "Mysterious Island" that showed in theaters in 1961 and was remade for TV in 2005. It was about Union soldiers who escape from a confederate P.O.W. camp in a hot air balloon. They come down on an island with giant plants and animals.
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