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77th Bengal Lancers

Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers Cast
Series Description

The Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers was an adventure action series on NBC about the lives of two Lieutenants in the Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers, a British regiment in India during the late 1800's.

Bengal Lancers Cast

Philip Carey ............. Lieutenant Michael Rhodes
Warren Stevens ........... Lieutenant William Storm
Patrick Whyte ............ Colonel Standish

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Bengal Lancers First And Only Season

  1. The Regiment (10/21/1956)
  2. The Pawn (10/28/1956)
  3. Hostage (11/4/1956)
  4. Steel Bracelet (11/11/1956)
  5. The Traitor (11/18/1956)
  6. Stepping Stone (11/25/1956)
  7. Golden Ring (12/2/1956)
  8. The Weakling (12/9/1956)
  9. The Handmaiden (12/16/1956)
  10. Shadow Of The Idol (12/23/1956)
  11. The Maharani (1/6/1957)
  12. The Gentle Vise (1/13/1957)
  13. Silent Trumpet (1/20/1957)
  14. Cecil Of Kabul (1/27/1957)
  15. The Barbarian (2/3/1957)
  16. Imposter (2/10/1957)
  17. Test Of A Titan (2/17/1957)
  18. The Enemy (2/24/1957)
  19. Relentless Man (3/3/1957)
  20. The Courtship Of Colonel Standish (3/10/1957)
  21. Pit Of Fire (3/17/1957)
  22. The Glass Necklace (3/24/1957)
  23. Ten Thousand Rupees (3/31/1957)
  24. Akbar The Great (4/7/1957)
  25. Challenge Of Chundra Sing (5/19/1957)

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