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413 Hope Street Cast

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The 413 Hope Street TV show was a 60 minute drama series on the FOX Network about an inner city crisis center and how the doctors, psychologists, and social workers combined their skills in order to provide the help needed by the unfortunate part of our population that otherwise wouldn't be able to get such services. The show concentrated on problems like abused women, hate crimes, abused or neglected children, sexually-transmitted diseases, and other things that might be considered likely in lower-income and overcrowded areas.

413 Hope Street Cast

Richard Roundtree .... Mr. Philip Thomas
Shari Headley .... Juanita Harris
Kelly Coffield .... Sylvia Jennings
Jesse L. Martin .... Antonio Collins
Michael Easton .... Nick Carrington
Dawn Stern .... Angelica Collins
Karim Prince .... Melvin Todd
Stephen Berra .... Quentin Jefferson
Vincent Laresca .... Carlos Martinez

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/11/1997)
  2. Fatherhood (9/18/1997)
  3. A Better Place (9/25/1997)
  4. Redemption (10/16/1997)
  5. Heartbeat (10/23/1997)
  6. Hate Crimes (12/4/1997)
  7. Quentin Goes Home (12/11/1997)
  8. Lost Boys and Gothic Girls (12/18/1997)
  9. Thanksgiving (12/25/1997)
  10. Falling (1/1/1998)

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