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3 South Characters

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The 3 South TV show was an animated comedy series on MTV about two high school pals who went on to pursue their college "education" but partying and general goofing off always took precedence!

3 South Characters


Brian Dunkleman .... Sanford
Brian Posehn .... Del Swanson / Todd
Jeffrey Tambor .... Dean Earhart
Mark Hentemann .... Joe
Lori Alan .... Miscellaneous Voices
Rodger Bumpass .... Miscellaneous Voices
Tom Kenny .... Miscellaneous Voices
Joel Murray .... Miscellaneous Voices
Phil LaMarr .... Miscellaneous Voices
Eliza Schneider .... Miscellaneous Voices
Kathleen Wilhoite .... Miscellaneous Voices

3 South Trivia

There were three 3 South TV show episodes which were produced but did not air. Their titles were: "Top Dogs", "Cocktail", and "Fake I.D.".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

3 South - The First And Only Season

  1. College Material (11/7/2002)
  2. Stomach Pump 2000 (11/14/2002)
  3. New Friends (11/21/2002)
  4. My Name is Todd W. (11/28/2002)
  5. Del Gets Sick (12/5/2002)
  6. Fraternity (12/12/2002)
  7. Coke Addicts (12/19/2002)
  8. Midnight Del (1/2/2003)
  9. Joe Gets Expelled (1/9/2003)
  10. 100 Yr. Old Man (1/16/2003)

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