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2 Broke Girls Cast and Episodes

2 Broke Girls Cast
Series Description

The 2 Broke Girls TV show is a 30 minute comedy series that premiered on September 19, 2011 on CBS. It's about two women in their early twenties working in Brooklyn as waitresses but looking for something more out of life. One was born rich and spoiled but has slid into near poverty while the other is from a more meager background. They have a plan to improve their financial situation. They need to raise $250,000 to open their own restaurant. How will they overcome their different backgrounds and personalities? Can they survive working together, living together and trying to start a business together? And how can they possibly get their hands on such a large amount of money?

2 Broke Girls Cast

Kat Dennings ................ Max Black
Beth Behrs .................. Caroline Channing
Jonathan Kite ............... Oleg
Matthew Moy ................. Han Lee
Garrett Morris .............. Earl
Nick Zano ................... Johnny

2 Broke Girls Trivia

Kat Dennings played the older sister on the 2001-2002 series, "Raising Dad". Kat was born on the same day (and year) as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen who ironically played the youngest daughter on the 1987-1995 series, "Full House"!

While Johnathan Kite (Oleg), Matthew Moy (Han Lee) and Jennifer Coolidge (Sophie Kachinsky) play characters who are from abroad and speak with accents, in real life they are all American-born with American accents.

Matthew Moy's character Oleg is from Korea on the show but in real life, Matthew's ancestors came from China.

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